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In-Store Purchase Refund ISSUE

I made a purchase on 3/24/2020 at store #1081, and then returned the same item to the same location on 3/28/2020.    I paid with my bank debit card, and had the refund issused back on the same bank debit card.

I have called the store, they said wait 72 hours---which I find odd, especially since this is an ACH instant debit, however it's not an ACH instant credit back into my account.

I was told to call the 800#, I did and left my number for a call back----no call back.     Now I'm being told that your order support dept. closes at 6 p.m. CST-----It would be nice if you posted this information on-line.     


I have called my bank and they show no pending transaction for a return of funds from Best Buy, but they do show the purchase made on 3/24/2020.    


The person I spoke with at the #1081 lcoation asked me for the Customer Service PIN on the bottom of the return receipt---he said he couldn't find it in the Best Buy system.     


How do I get my money back especially since I have the return receipt?

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Re: In-Store Purchase Refund ISSUE

Typically, returns to debit cards take longer than a credit card. In most cases, it seems to take 5-7 business days to complete. With that said, some banks withhold the funds even longer and in some rare cases it can take a full billing cycle.

It works the same way on the purchase side as well. While you may see the funds “debited” instantaneous, it often takes days in order for the retailer to actually get that transferred to them.

If the receipt shows the return was completed and the total refund amount is correct, it seems that everything is in order. Everything is automated from that point.
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Re: In-Store Purchase Refund ISSUE

Hello, @chromestar210


We wanted to take a moment to send you over a post we’ve recently made which may answer your question. 


If after reading you still need assistance, please follow the steps found in the link below. 


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Re: In-Store Purchase Refund ISSUE

This is odd, and as my bank representative told me a practice that unethical business perform to enhance their finanical standing with stock holders.     Best Buy has been the only corporate company that I have had this issue with.   In the past year I have made three returns at three different companies and have not experienced this type of unethical customer service---they are: Home Depot, HEB, and Napa Auto Parts.   I was immediated notified that a pending return of funds was posting to my account as soon as I made the return----their systems don't seem to hold onto the funds.  My bank has no reason to hold onto the returning of funds into my account.    Just another prime example of a business with unethical practices---and another reason why I'm going to be taking my business elsewhere.  

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Re: In-Store Purchase Refund ISSUE

Hey I just returned and item and I was wondering if you ever got your money back