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In-Store Fraudulent Charge - Support Requested



In October of this year, there was a fraudulent charge at Best Buy store 204. My corporate credit card was used to make a purchase of nearly $2000. I noticed the charge a few days later and immediately called my card issuer, cancelled the card, and disputed the charges. I also filed a police report with my local police department.


2 months later, my card issuer is stating that I must contact Best Buy to have the charges reversed because the store allowed someone other than the cardholder - me - to use my card fraudulently. Obviously, this is frustrating that, especially for such a large purchase, no ID was checked. But emotion aside, I would have to agree with the card issuer.


While I do hold a Best Buy credit card, I want to note that this card was a Visa Corporate Credit Card issued by PNC and the purchase was made in store. I filed a police report the day I noticed the charges, but have still not heard any resolution. These charges are now due on my corporate credit card account, so I would like to have this resolved in an efficient and timely manner. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Re: In-Store Fraudulent Charge - Support Requested

The information provided by the card company is completely backwards to Visa’s own Merchant Agreement. Does the card have a chip? If so, there are rules preventing retailers from checking ID. Cards that still get swiped aren’t much better, as there are still only a few reasons retailers are allowed to check ID. Other than a few exceptions, retailers are not supposed to check ID any longer. Like phasing out signatures, major credit card companies are streamlining the checkout process. We must follow the Merchant Agreement that they hold us to.

Even if the bank decides that Best Buy is liable, I have never heard of them sending the customer back to us to “reverse” it. That is all done by them on the back end. I would encourage you to reach back out to your credit card company. At the end of the day, Best Buy cooperates with law enforcement and credit card companies to get to the bottom of these scenarios. The process they seem to be putting you through is unorthodox and definitely not the proper method for resolving disputes.
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