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In-Store Complaint

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I visited the Athens, Georgia Best Buy location today. In the past we've had great experiences. Today was incredibly frustrating. We found an open box deal- obviously not a purchase that employees want to spend the time helping with, sure. But we found an LG soundbar and subwoofer set for a deal. The tag said that all accessories were included. After finding an employee to help us find the remote, optical cord, and wall mount pieces, we waited around 20 minutes for several employees trying to find the parts.


While waiting, we found another open box with all of the pieces for only $6 more. It was sitting right there. Instead of wating around for them to find the parts that were lost, (note: the tag said nothing was missing on the soundbar), I asked if we could just take the other one with all the parts for the same price as the one they couldn't find. We are just talking 6 bucks. The employee said no, but he could knock down the price of the open box we were looking at and I could buy the parts separately. It seemed like such a ridiculous suggestion- We are getting a used product and then buying new cords and wall mounts and an off brand remote so that it might work when we get home? There's no way the price could be lowered enough to warrant purchasing all the extra equipement. We could have bought a brand new one instead. 


After no help, because the employees gave up looking for the parts, we heard them talk about correcting the tag for future customers because they can't find the pieces so that the tag will read that parts are missing. I just don't think it was right for them to waste our time and fix their mistake for the next customer while we patiently waiter. All over 6 bucks. The money wasn't even the problem. It was the lack of customer service causing me to write this review and likely not revisit this location. All over a little more than a 5% discrepancy on a price tag. 


-John {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: In-Store Complaint

Good evening, John,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Open-box items are usually a great way to save money on your technology purchases, and as someone who’s shopped the open-box selection at my local Best Buy many times, it’s often been a positive experience for me.  From what you’ve described with your soundbar purchase, this is far from the experience we hope to provide our customers when visiting our stores, and I apologize for any frustration this experience has caused.


We can’t hope to improve the level of service we’re able to provide our customers without feedback like yours, and I truly appreciate you taking the time to call our attention to your visit to our Athens, GA store.  I realize I’ll be unable to undo the disappointment this visit caused, but I do hope you’ll consider shopping with us again in the future, so we might provide you the level of service I know we’re capable of.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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