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I want to talk about the best and worst experience i had at Best Buy 1015 N La Brea West Hollywood, CA 90038

. I went to best Buy 1-28-19 to purchase a simple samsung Tv for my home like the brand it worked out well for me in the past and the price always seemed just around my range of what i was willing to spend on a TV. I'm an actor and love watching a good film in high def, sports, award shows, netflix the whole nine yards. The sales associate at the time, im not sure i can say names but i will be calling corporate after i log this on this board and afew others because i would like to document the dying of costumer service and why people have shifted from going to stars and just staying at home and using amazon. The sales associate was phenomenal. When i tell you about a man who is knowledgable, patient, aware and kind that gentlemen went above and beyond i walked in for a simple tv and left with a different appreaciation and acknlowdlgement of that their are masters of trade at all levels even for something you think as simple as TVS. I wanted a samsung for about 600-800 i ended up opening my eyes to the possiblity of something with a little higher quality and better picture and i just wanted to get something dynamic. It was 1-28-19 and it was my time to host the superbowl party at my house. Friends, families, co workers and colleagues and some proper business connects where going to come that day. In my field networking and mingling is a huge deal especially when its something as socially inclusive as the super bowl.


So we ended up settling on a Sony 65" 4k HD ultrada HD TV X900f because of the sheer beauty and picture quality for 1599.99. Here is why my sales associate is awesome he didnt pressure me to get this TV he even tried to convince against it considering what the budget i told him was. But what he did do was provide me information about the TV about what this tV means what plans might happen for the newer models of said TV and that it might be scaled down to be more affordable but quality my suffer (true or not) he told me. Then when it came to getting a surround sound system that was going to blow my mind. I'am the type when im already spending 1600 for something an extra grand or two at this point does not really matter. So we looked at the Sonos sound system and when i tell you it was beyond phenomal i was blown away. I learned what an all encompassing experience intaled at that point i knew this is what i wanted but my sales associate he became my wife and told me look i know you like this but now with everything we are pushing 3200. I dont think we need to go that far let me show you something and then we shall see if you still want the Sonos. He could have closed the deal, at that point i was real easy to be convinced but he didn take advantage of me he made sure that i saw other options that we comparable and were packed alittle better then buying the sonos individually. He showed the sony sond bar system that came with amp and back speakers as bundle unlike the sonos that came seperately which aslo came with a 200 dollar credit if purchased together and would run a retail value of 2400, 800 less then sonos. Who doesnt like a deal and with how well taken care of i was with this guy i could help but think he had my best intrest at heart. We closed out i signed up for a best buy credit card at the behest of my sales associate so i can just write some of this cost of atleast for 2 years with no interest. Yes Yes and Yes why not. Qualify we close out and then this is when it shifted we ended up walking to another part of best buy magnolia TV and the serivce was ok it was simple my sales associate took his time all the way through. I asked for his manager to over see the close out because i wanted them to understand how great of an employee they had.  I showered the store, the employee, the manager at best buy about my experience how it was the best and smoothest level of service i recieved in a long time. I dont normally do survery of even do let me talk to your superior part but when you are blown away you are blown away. The service assoociate we shall call X because i wont list names here closed it out and said hey this for the superbowl id like it to be delievered on thursday  1-31-19 my delievery i had a window between 12-5pm.  After that day i had my friend stay at my house to be able to watch for my TV and things because he was also just gonna mount for me for a quick 80 bucks simple. Im an actor a booked a project that took me out of town.



I came back home on saturday to no TV delivered, no emails or messages from best buy. No explanation or missed delivery slipped  and my friend was still at my home house sitting and told me they never came. I am furious i have my superbowl in less then 24 hours and i have not a TV or soundbar insight nothing every is ruined. 2-4-19 i call corporate office to file a complaint. There is no documentation or proof of my order in the system at all. Like it never existed not. They found my name, number and email  but my order didnt go through the sytem at all I a steaming at this point. I am telling the woman on the phone this is not acceptable one bit. I paid for a Tv, opened up a credit card through you guys and there is no way i am in the system? Whats going on here did i just get robbed. I have proof of my purchase here so what are you telling me? She couldnt have an explanation and told me to go back to the store and that would be my best options i inform her that i want this filed i will not let this go and want someone to get back to me.  1-4-19 i walk into the best buy store and this is when it just gets al bad.


Associate X :couldnt not find my account he recognized me but couldnt find my account based on my telephone number. We discover he inputed my number wrong even though i was already in the best buy system but we will let that go. i tell him well okay but i have proof of my Tv heres the proof I.. he interrupts me and say Yea no, yea we will get your tv no worries. Worried? No sir im not worried at all. I want explanations. So i tell him hey, my TV is not my biggest concern; you ruined my day, my event. I ordered this TV it should have been here before the super bowl and now it was not and now your telling me you cant find it. His second Associates jumps in to help him find my tv we shall Call this Associate Y. I tell Associate Y Call your supervisor this is ridiculous. On Mondays they dont have supervisors  or GM *wierd* so a floor manager we shall call Z. Z comes and is immediately apologetic so sorry about what happened this is unacceptable. I tell him look i ordered this TV it should have been hear on this day it never arrived and your ruined my superbowl and dont even know where my TV is. I call corporate and no one knows. Whats going on. Associate X chimes into this conversation still hasnt found my TV yet and says why didnt you call; I said i was out of town and before i finish he said so you wouldnt have been around for; i said wait. Why didnt you call, email reach out to let me know whats going on. Yes i was out of town but i had people stationed to mount and recieve my TV and your telling me that now tis my fault that you didnt do your JOB the ensure im informed about whats going on with my TV. Are you serious. He goes quiet and walks into the office to figure out whats going on. Z managers turns to me apologizes again and i said this is not okay not only did i not get my TV but your employee doesnt seem to care at all and has the nerve to try to rebuttal my complain and tell me some how to could be my fault. I tell him that employee X told me that they are going to deliver my TV i said of course you are i paid for it. Thats not the point how are as best buy going to make this right? is what i asked Manager Z. Manager Z understood that they dropped the ball and said yes of course we will see what we can do and see what the Tv was worth at cost and mark it down. He takes my number and says hell call me after wards or text me and get to the bottom of this and let me know. We find out that some how the third party delivery service picked up my TV and Sound bar and it never left the ware house. Somehow the delivery and fell through the cracks and was never filed. 


The next day 2-5-19 i recieved a call for a supervisor of the Magnolia department we shall Call Him B. I tell B what heppened the previous day in detail: That the fact that my information wasn’t inputed into the system that I called corporate and no order history for My TV could be found correctly. That the day I came to ask what went wrong , that I didn’t receive an email, a confirmation, a courteous call or follow up as to why the TV didn’t arrive on said date. The first thing the sales associate X did was rebuttal me in front of his manager Z and co worker Y  and say why didn’t YOU call I said I was out of town I’m an ACTOR why didn’t YOU email Me or Reach out. I opened a best buy credit card that day to ensure I get this purchase. My first and last name is in the system with number and email? Why didn’t you best buy not me! He said that “oh so you were out of town You wouldn’t have been there for my TV”. I said are you serious! I made a schedule to have my TV delivered OBVIOUSLY I had also made plans for someone to be here to handle my affairs. And be there for my TV. The sheer gall and lack of compassion to ruining someones plans or schedule and make it seem like I AM THE ONE who came up short in some way. Was absolutely infuriating so when the first manager said he was going to mark down the price of the TV, that he was going to see what the TV was worth at Cost and text me back and didn’t. Bothered me.


I felt that B ( the supervising manger) who called me had came on the phone next day with the intention to just sweep the matter under the wrong and throw money at the situation. He thought that monetary was what bothered me, all they were planning to do was give me my TV 10 days later then when I paid for it. I said of course you are going to give me my TV I Paid for it. I want to see the level of costumer care and service Best Buy will provide. So when he offered his washed condolences and just planned to reschedule my tv delivery. I had to ask him embarrassingly what about the promised mark down? He said oh yes of course we are going to try to get you a couple hundred back  I said what? He said 200. I said okay and hung up. I was speechless. I waited 10 days to have my TV delivered and you offer a person who spent 2600 dollars on a TV Only 200 dollars back. Thats it? Thats how you make your costumers feel valued, appreciated and coming back for more is a I’m sorry and heres 200 goodbye? I called back and said no you know what I would like a full refund back because at that point why go to a Best Buy if this lack of service and care fpr the issue is handled with such schadenfreude . So the supervisor said I apologize we do want to keep your business what kind of monetary reimbursement were you expecting.


At that point once again ( I lost my mind) your Literally asking your costumer what number can replace that day in your life for you. Where all your friends and family, coworkers and colleagues were supposed to be over hanging around eating, watching the game and the commercials, the super bowl half time show, the whole thing. Whats the price on memories for you? I said I don’t know 30% what do you think ( EVEN I feeling that number was ridiculous myself but honestly! Sir am I supposed to cheapen my expectations of what I pay for and expect with a simple number?) He immediately said no we can’t do that I mean you already have a bundle with your sound bar.(You mean the sound bar I purchased that day that also never arrived on time like my tv? The bundle that comes with the 1699 TV? So let me get this straight a already factored discount ,counts as part of your customer care recovery situation?) I said its not the money B you didn’t even offer to mount the 65 inch flat screen that I ordered? He said oh you would like it mounted well I thought you wanted reimbursement more. That fact that he even said that he felt that I seemed to care more about monetary reimbursement which shows a clear indication as to why A person like X can rebuttal me and try to pin the fact my TV never arrived on the fact I was not in town. Not the fact the number was inputed wrong by him, or the system with there third party delivery service backfired or glitches or the order was never filed through properly for delivery in the first place by him, but because even if your supervisor has the gall to say to a costumer well it seemed like “you wanted monetary reimbursement thats why I offered to credit you the 200”. If you don’t care about you customers enough to say “hey we dropped the ball”: on one of the biggest American sports holidays. The reason why people even purchase big screen TVS is for super bowls and NBA plays offs. Big moments like these and to think 200 dollars and I am sorry is enough blows my mind.


I have worked in costumer service for years. I worked at the Fourseasons for years and one thing that separates business that do well and have longevity and ones that do not not is that they all follow the same golden  rule as founder Isador Sharp golden rule treat your customers like you would have wanted to be treated. I needed X and B to to be in my embarrassing shoes calling my friends and family Saturday night when I arrived back home. Canceling one by one, ruining countless peoples plans who were initially supposed to be spending Super Bowl at my house now having to find other plans to do last minute. I took the blame for that, I was embarrassed, I felt like crap. not Best Buy, not X, Not B, Me telling B that you should offer to mount my Tv and also give my credit to my TV . The fact that I am telling you how to remedy this infuriates me with no ends. B Agrees. Mind you I’m speaking to B both times he calledand i called back but in the end when B got tired of his job in costumer service or he felt I was all about the money and was over me he passed the buck back to X. The one who I was annoyed with the most. Who called me to schedule the mount for my TV and offered a standard Tilt Mount and also so kindly offered a better full motion mount to me at a higher price of 300 but they were going to credit it down to 200( so generous) Then I sad no I’m fine with the cheap standard one thank you for your care. I ask X is he still doing the credit?  he said B told him that they were doing mount instead of doing credit I told X thats not what B said to me on the phone.


Heres why I say B gave up on costumer service, I called him back and said no the 200 dollar credit wasn’t enough id like you to do that plus think about mounting my TV with Geek squad a service provided by Best Buy. Why aren’t you making me feel VALUED! At all? He said OK! Hangs up and B calls me and things change. I have to embarrassingly say um thats not what we talked about. X says he will talk to him and call back. Does B call back? nope! He does not. X calls back and says we are willing to the mount and give you a 100 dollar credit. They BARGAINED me down on costumer service. We feel awful but not to awful, its just a Super Bowl and X closed the conversation by telling me I am getting over 800 dollar in discounts  that should be more then enough to make up for this mishap. I said excuse me? I said where was that 800 dollars please explain to me where is that happening. He said the standard mount and the sound bar bundle(the bundle that comes with my TV) plus the geek squad service. FIRST OFF I would rather cancel the geek squad service and receive the 800$ dollars in credit back. SECONDLY I had to tell them to use the geek squad service, I had to tell them about the mount and I had to tell them about the credit.  Great this how you treat you customers. This experience showed me that the employee and employers did not care about me, my money or my feelings on the matter.


If its like this why go into a Best Buy why not order off amazon and skip that process. My Best Buy experience from my original sales associate not X the one who worked in the TV department that day with  African American man whose floor manager slips me that also phenomenal. X was just the guy who did the paperwork and didn’t even do that part of his job right. But he made sure to staple his card with his personal mobile number and receipt. My 800$ in discount was something that when I told B give me 30% back was not even doable, so why try to do mental gymnastics with me and tell me Im getting 100 dollars back and we are mounting your tv and your getting the bundle with the sound bar( that comes when you buy your TV has nothing to do with he costumer service). Why did he feel proud saying that like, buying a mount from amazon for 80 and have some one mount it for 100 dollars is not possible in this day and age. Im actually Highly disappointed and disgusted by this experience and even as I right this my TV is supposed to be delivered on Thursday 2-7-19 from 12-5 and I have to be okay with that 10 days later. But I’m not and Im sending this email and will call corporate office in the morning because this is not okay at all and ill probably walk away from Best Buy forever after this. Thank you for your time.