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I just want my ink!

This started on Aug. 21, 2021! Thus far I have been on the phone with "customer support" (and I use that term loosley) for 1 hour and 40 minutes and still have evidently not resolved my problem as follows...

I went into the store in Victoria, texas and purchased a Canon printer to use in my classroom. I wanted 260 & 261 XL Cartridges as well, but even though the associates said they show 2 combo packs in stock, no one could find them. I asked I could order them and have them sent to me, they said "yes."  So I paid for the printer and asked the gentleman who rang me up to also add the print cartridges and to have them shipped to me. No problem. So, Sept. 3rd I called to see where my cartridges were. "Lisa" told me it looks like I picked them up at the store. No, I paid for them at the store, but the guy said they would be shipped to me. I had asked if there would be a fee for shipping - he said No, shipping should be free. Ok, thank you and I left. Now Lisa tells me I can go to the store and sort it out. I live an hour away, so told her No, this will take me a 2 hour drive (there & back) when it was their error. She said she would have to check with her supervisor and get back to me.

A week went by...Sept. 9th - I calld back held for 10 mins., and got Emily. then was passed to "Hanjie" - was on the phone with Hanjie for 35 minutes when I was hung up.

Now I was livid - called back again. This time I was on hold again for 10 minutes when I go Chris - I expressed to Chris that I was not a happy camper and what had just happened. He seemed confident enough and did not need to transfer me to anyone and said he was emailing the Victoria store now and that I would get an email or text after they checked the video footage to ensure there had been a mistake. At 5:50 p.m. I received a voice message from "Angela" saying they had checked the footage and yes someone had not hit the "SHIP" button. Now they needed me to call back to get an address to ship - WHY? I used my BB card and they have my address, but I reluctantly called back when I was done school the following day.

Sept. 10 - This time I held for 10 more minutes, got "Naomi" who said yes she saw the notes and put me on hold to "process the paperwork" I would speak into the phone every few minutes of silence to ensure she was still on the line and had checked in with her twice. Then I heard "Thank you for calling Best Buy" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? so, 21 minutes later I am now sent back to the switch board. I hung up. I still don't know if she finished processing the order. HELP! These people are so incompetent I cannot believe it.

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Re: I just want my ink!

Follow up - Yesterday, during TS Nicholas, at 5:29 I get a call from a lady from BB Victoria. Name started with an "S" but due to storm, could barely hear her. She was getting snippy with me stating she could not hear me, I kept saying "We're in the middle of a storm!" she said yes we are in the same one - 1st I live on the coast, you are inland, so no - I don't think you are in the same one!!! Anyway, she says the reason I haven't gotten my ink is because I only have a PO Box not a physical address. I told her I'm pretty sure my street address is in my account, she said no - just give me the address or I can't have the ink delivered. So I gave it to her, and she was saying "I heard ... is that street, road, avenue - what?" "Street" I yelled (You need to understand - we were in a metal garage with an awning banging on the sides because this is the only place we could get reception - phone service was down!) "Thank you", she said and hung up.

Now, I just took a screen shot of my Best Buy account profile and was going to post it here to show that she was not telling the truth, (but figured it best not to post my address on a forum - lol), because clear as day is my physical address, along with the PO Box. Plus, the guy Chris, had already told me that it looked like someone "screwed up" and forgot to push "ship" when they checked me out. Why lie? To make it look like it was my dumb fault and not yours? Never once did this lady say "sorry" for the mix up or confusion. I'm just shaking my head. 

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Re: I just want my ink!

Hello, Bobran149,


Thank you for joining our online community, and I hope you are safe after the storm. It is always a pleasure to welcome a new member. This is a great place to come for support, so I am glad you’ve connected with us, although I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.


We sincerely appreciate you choosing Best Buy, when purchasing your new printer. I am sure you go through quite a bit of ink, as you mentioned this device was to be used in your classroom, so it makes sense you’d want larger cartridges. If the store team was unable to locate those for you, placing an order to be shipped to your home should have been a simple process. It is clear there must have been a mistake, which resulted in you not receiving the merchandise. I’m sorry to learn the resolution process has not been as efficient as we would have expected. Going forward, I want to do all I can to help.


For further support, please send a Private Message. Please be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number. To send a Private Message, simply select the darker blue icon, which is located across from my signature. I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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