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I haven't used my cards yet, but it looks like my issue is resolved

I haven't used my cards yet, but I did finally get them back with full value on them.


My suggestion for anyone with a similar type of issue is to go physically into the store and deal with a General Manager only, it was a lower level manager at the store that kept my cards as "collateral" (or hostage) promising resolvement of the issue in 48 hours, which turned into 5 days of the store holding my cards back from me and therefore my money on the cards. 


A General Manager finally weeded out and solved the issue (I hope, I haven't physically used the cards yet, hope there will not be an issue when I do).


He told me the lower level manager was wrong to keep my cards and should have issued me a refund on the card right away.


While this issue appears to have been made right (hopefully the cards will process ok in the future) I will think twice about buying gift cards at Best Buy again. 

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Re: I haven't used my cards yet, but it looks like my issue is resolved

Hi there, Rbee01,


I am happy to hear that this was resolved by the General Manager. Please don't hesitate to reach back out for support should the need arise.

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