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I got Bamboozled daughter TV opening up wasn't the right one

Hello there I bought a TV Tuesday December 3rd 2019 a Sony 65x800g at 8:33 p.m. it was late that evening got home went to bed. The next day I had to work and pick up my autistic son after work I had a busy evening Wednesday. Thursday December 5th 2019 my day off took my son to school came home wanted to put up the TV open the box up from the bottom slate it up tomorrow reveal it was a sharp 2013 TV in it I packed the box back up grab my receipt went up the Best Buy in Reynoldsburg Ohio. Talk to a customer service as supervisor and tell them the situation they said it wasn't their problem is the manufacturer problem I looked at them and said where you bought this from the manufacturer so I still sad it's not their problem ask for the manager but the manager didn't come out and talk to me I left call corporate talk to a lady name Karla she gave me her number I told me to keep in touch haven't heard back from them today is December 7th 2019 I'm out $700 I'm out of a TV I've been a loyal customer to Best Buy for over a decade never had a problem until now it seems like Best Buy looked at me like I did the dirty deed and all I want is a new TV for Christmas for my son and I I'm a single father work hard don't have much money and I feel like that's why it's not doing what they want to do the right thing I think there's something going on in Best Buy with their warehousing shipping out TVs I know this is not the first problem they had but I feel like they're not want to help me and I hope somebody will help me