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I Would Like to Recognize the Great Customer Service Today

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I heard the moderators could pass good reviews onto the stores that they are directed to since my email receipt did not include a survey web address.




Customer Service PIN: {removed per forum guidelines}

Representative Name: Lee 

Best Buy Store: #411


I wanted to recognize Lee at the Flint, MI store for his great service on a cell phone issue.  I had purchased a phone from another Best Buy store last week and they did not get the new phone properly included in my wife's existing account.  I expected this situation would be difficult to correct, but was pleasantly surprised by Lee who was very knowledgeable, willing to help, and took the time to make sure everything was correct.  I really appreciate his helpful attitude and calm demeanor working through this to get me properly set up.  Congratulations Best Buy on your great customer support.


Andy {removed per forum guidelines}