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I AREALLY trusted you guys on this one (Over $2,500 worth of trust) - GAMING PC

I work in tech support and dabbled in customer service for GM while doing it, so with that said I DON'T do this ever. Growing up in the area this particular BB had an added layer of positivity in my eyes. Due to becoming a first time dad and a new promotion at work I lost time to build my own PCs. My fault? Maybe. My fiance and I did however go into that BB a few days ago just to see what was new. We DID this often. We've been talking of a new desktop for the house but didnt have any real intent to buy, just look. Of course I get there and geek out per usual. I talk to some of the "representatives" by the computers. It was maybe 715 PM so I got a lot of pointed fingers and zero answers. Finally someone comes to help, a bit later. We get to talking and I was interested in the new rtx cards. Of course my childlike instincts kick in and after being told about the anthem, bfv and Division 2 bundle offer (free with select AMD and nvidia products) I start to consider maybe just buying a prefab. The insurance plus convenience seemed nice. I work 60 hours a week atleast. After hearing about how it's the latest and greatest I decide with the free games, protection, "professional advice" and current "brand new, top of the line" computer in front of me I would do it. Told the worker to go ahead and ring it up but I need 2 monitors aswell. After telling me everything the store DOESNT have he brings out 2 Acer monitors. I was looking at keyboards, (Corsair) which despite the terrible experience is a very nice keyboard! He brings everything out, rings it up, I come back with the keyboard, glance at the 2 Acer monitors, not terrible, not great. HD, decent size, snall bezels. Beats the 20 minute conversation about what they dont have. I pay, which took 2 card transactions (I exceeded my daily limit for the first time) and carry everything to the car, alone. The next day I go to hook it up after work and to my surprise the monitors A. Dont support the correct inputs. VGA or HDMI. That's fine however the great PC you sold has only ONE HDMI out. So when I get the time I have to go back to this establishment. This time correcting the monitor mistake and asking how I get the free games I was promised. I was told it would be emailed in 24 hours, I still haven't gotten this email. I get a monitor, 4 times what I wanted to pay to avoid the chaos. Get home, hook it up. Going through some of the nessacary downloads and I come across the heat monitor corsair provides via the keyboard. This indicates my CPU is dangerously hot. I download the CPU manufacturer monitor and the same thing. How, after spending 1500 on the PC alone, not downloading a SINGLE game, let alone a free one and having nothing but a monitor plugged in can you justify this? Again, I have my reasons for not disclosing too much information yet. Sincerely, the sliver of hope inside of that disappointed customer.
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Re: I AREALLY trusted you guys on this one (Over $2,500 worth of trust) - GAMING PC

Hi, Briandennis22,


Thanks for the post, and welcome to our Community Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to share this experience with us. Although I 'm not an avid gamer and computer buff, I am a shopper myself and know that if this had been my time buying a new computer, I would be quite upset just like you are. We always hope for an easy shopping experience and by the sounds of this, it hadn't been that way. Please accept my apologies for the troubles you've encountered so far, and for any inconveniences that they may have caused. 


Moving forward, have you been able to speak to a store manager about these concerns of yours while shopping at their location? If you have yet to receive this email for the game that should have come with your purchase, we may be able to assist with that as well. 


I look forward to discussing this more in depth with you. 



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