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How to find District Manager of specific store

I recently purchased an open-box (Satisfactory) TV via; it was a 65" Nano series 8.  The next day I received an e-mail stating it was ready for pick-up.  A short while later I received a call from "Jay" stating that the TV was knocked over and too damaged to sell.  He said, "its a bummer too because I had my eye on it... it was actually almost brand new and a killer deal."  He insisted that I cancel the order on my end because if he were to do it my funds would be tied up for a long time.  I was in the middle of work so I canceled the order and I told him I would come into the store at a later date to deal with it. 


A few days later I was able to get to the store and I asked a different store associate for assistance.  I don't know his name because he was not wearing a name tag.  The new guy said he knew exactly what TV I was talking about, and that they had to sell it back to LG because it was priced too low ($550).  I said that what he is saying is a different story than what I was told and that I would like to speak with a manager.  He left for a long while and came back after speaking with the manager.  He said the manager confirmed that the TV was unavailable.  I was obviously unsatisfied, and he said he would talk to the manager "to see what we can do."  He left again and came back and said that the manager offered $50 off the new model of that TV ($1100).  I told him that it was not enough, and I left.  


This whole situation is honesty very frustrating.  I have purchased many TVs and electronics from Best Buy and have never had any issues prior to this.  My gut is telling me that Jay wanted my TV and convinced me to cancel my order so that he could buy it.  I am also disappointed that the manager refused to speak with me directly, and instead used an intermediary.  The main point of buying at a brick and mortar store is the human interaction and customer service.  Otherwise, I could just buy a TV online and call it a day.  Very long story short, I would like the name or contact information for the District Manager who oversees the Cerritos, CA store so that I could get his/her take on this situation.  

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Re: How to find District Manager of specific store

District Managers are not in customer facing positions and do not have contact information that can be provided to customers, our store General Managers have 100% ownership of the actions of the employees.  If this had happened to me, the General Manager would be the person I would go to next.  Have you attempted to reach out to the store's General Manager?  With all of that said, the next step of escalation would be through our corporate office.  The moderators here work out of corporate and can assist in recording the details of your concern at the corporate level.


With that said, Open Items are one-off units can become unavailable for a number of reasons.  I have personally experienced customer knocking over an open item requiring the item to be written off.  I don't know if the 2nd employee understood what he was talking about by selling it back to LG, that's not something we do.  In my experience, unless a sales associate has worked in the warehouse and has an understanding of the process back there they generally have a weak understanding of how products are shipped out and removed from inventory.  I guess is that was his understanding of the Damage Write-off process.  


I definitely can see how it's frustrating, especially when not getting to speak with a manager in-store.  I will say that right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, my store managers are not just "available" and are often as tied up with customers as our regular associates.  They have very specific tasks that they are responsible for including curbside pickups.  As traffic increases in our stores, hopefully that allows more and more of our associates to return and alleviate some of the wait times in store and allow managers to become available for these types of situations.  Only time will tell, it seems both of our states are seeing an increase in numbers which may hamper that process.  


Hope this helps.

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Re: How to find District Manager of specific store

Good morning, cda555,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Whether it’s an open-box item, or bran new in box, it’s a frustrating experience when the item you were hoping to purchase is no longer available, and I’m sorry to hear this is the case with your recent TV order. 


I see jdogg836 has offered some great insight here into how our stores are operating at this time, and I hope you’ve found it useful.  As they’ve mentioned, our District Managers are not a customer-facing position, and the General Manager of our Cerritos, CA store would be best equipped to address your concerns.  Since posting to our forums, have you had a chance to connect with them?  You’ll be able to find an email address to the store’s leadership team on the store’s page here, otherwise if you’d like to send me a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, I’ll be happy to forward your experience to the appropriate leadership at our Cerritos, CA store, so they might address any coaching or training opportunities that may present themselves.  To send me this information privately, you’ll just need to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature.



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