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How to I get in touch with someone in authority in corporate to file a complaint?

I bought a $2000 TV on November 10th that was delivered on November 14th. Before installing I wanted to repaint the walls, get a new mount, etc. I finally put the TV up last night (it was kept in the unopened box until about 10 minutes before the install). It looked perfect... UNTIL I PLUGGED IT IN! A few pixels in the bottom right corner are out. I have spent about 4 hours on the phone, and almpst 2 hours in the store, and no one can do anything to help me. On the phone they tell me go to the store. On the store they tell me they can't do anything but try to find a replacement, which seems to be out of stock in the warehouse at this time. I am a Best Buy Elite PLUS member for years, and spend an average of $5000 a year, yet I can't get any help with a defective product! The customer service so far sucks. I have asked for someone higher up and all they said was I can email the president of Best Buy, that there was no one in authority higher able to help me. This was just someone on the phone, not a manager or supervisor.. but they could not get anyone higher except to tell me to contact the president of Best Buy by email.... seriously? Is that some kind of joke? I am ready to just return the damned TV and do business elsewhere if this is not properly rectified in a timely manner. I have wasted 5 hours on this, and no one is ableto help out. The store I bought the TV at is Best Buy at 2001 South Rd in Poughkeepsie, NY. Is there a regional manager or district manager I can contact for this location that may be able to help me out?

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Re: How to I get in touch with someone in authority in corporate to file a complaint?

What exactly are you looking to do? Based on your Elite status, unless the television was physically damaged, you should be able to exchange it. If the television is unavailable, then you should be able to simply return it or swap it for one that is available. If installed by you, the television would need to be unmounted prior to the delivery return/exchange.
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Bought a 75" Samsung that had bad pixels and can't get a replacement.

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I bought a 75" Samsung TV on November 10, and had it delivered on November 14th. I left it in the box until I bought a mount and had time to install it on the 23rd. Almsot immediately I noticed it had a few bad pixels in the bottom right corner that remained red regardless of what was on the TV. Having thought that it was an easy fix, because I have been a long time Best Buy Elite Plus member, I wasn't concerned. After spending over 3 hours on the phone with Best Buy support, all they could tell me was "it was an in store purchase, we can't help you, go to the store". I went to the store and asked to talk to the manager, but he was unavailable. The supervisor of the electronics department, Ashley, came to try to help. According to her, they are out of stock in the warehouse, and there are none available. She suggested I return it for a refund and buy it someplace else. Is that really what Best Buy wants? Send an Elite Plus member to buy a $2000 item elsewhere? She said she would try to locate one, and would call me back that night... Next day I still hadn't heard from her, so I returned. The manager supposedly was on lunch and was not able to help, so they sent Asley back again... Yes the same total waste that couldn't help me the first time, returned... Well after apoligizing for not calling, she promised to call me back again on Monday the 26th. I am still waiting for that call... but I guess she has better things to do. At this point I am ready to just return the TV and cut up my Best Buy credit card. After spending nearly $8000 in Best Buy this year alone, my business is obviously no longer needed and I will shop elsewhere... I will be returning the TV later this weekend and will NEVER make another purchase in Best Buy if someone doesn't get their act together and fix this problem. 


Purchase was made in Best Buy in Poughkeepsie, NY Store # 460

2001 South Road Poughkeepsie, NY

Receipt # {removed per forum guidelines}


Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. From my receipt you can pull up my account info and I am more than willing to accept a call to get this problem taken care of where we can all be satisfied. Thank You

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Re: How to I get in touch with someone in authority in corporate to file a complaint?

I'm also confused, they can't fix stuck pixels, you will.need to return the tv. If the same.if is not available you will need to get a refund and pick a different tv.
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Re: How to I get in touch with someone in authority in corporate to file a complaint?

Hello, ErnestSuter, and welcome to the forum,


I see you’ve posted quite some time ago, so thank you for your patience while waiting for assistance! We haven’t been able to respond to everyone as quickly as we’d like due to some heaving holiday volume this year, and given that we’re talking about a $2,000 television, we greatly appreciate your understanding. I know this wait couldn’t have been easy, especially as it sounds like things haven’t gone according to plan despite your multiple attempts to resolve this on your own.


As you may know, your purchase should qualify for our extended Holiday Return and Exchange Promise. This means that if you’re unhappy with the TV, you should be able to exchange or outright return it. I understand things might be a bit more complicated than that given we don’t have the same model in stock; however, I’d be more than happy to see if we have a comparable model available for purchase around the same price point. I’ll need some additional information from you to view our options though, so please keep an eye out for a private message heading your way shortly. You may view it by logging into the forum and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page.


Thanks for posting,

Alexandra|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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