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How do I file a formal complaint?

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I have been a loyal Best Buy for a long long time.    Almost all of my major electornic purchases have been through a local BB for the longest time.  I like your service and I like to actually see and touch the product before I buy it.   I was in the market for a new tablet for my children for educational purposes.   This product was not cheap and more importantly, it means something to my children and me during a holiday season.   I decided to go to a local store in Bolingbrook, IL to make a purchase.  I was met with a representative/salerep, who was really helpful in answering all my questions, and we finally decided to make a purchase.   I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S4 for $550.  I wanted to purchase the 256GB version but at that time, there was only 64GB version in the store.   I could order the 256GB version but it would take 2 weeks to pick it up.  


The representative suggested that I make a 64GB model purchase and if I like it, I can keep it and upgrade the memory with a SD card.   If I want a 256GB version, then I can return to the store until Jan 12th and get the 256GB model for an extra $100 bring my total to $650.   With that understanding, I gladly purchased the product and went home.   Over the next 48 hours, I realized that I would need that extra storage.   I thought instead of buying a SD card, I can just upgrade the internal storage for an extra $100.  


I called and visted two local Best Buy stores multiple times in order to get the 256GB but it was impossible to even get someone on the phone.   Twice, I waited on the phone for over 20mins---I have the call log to prove it.   Once I got connected, I was told by a manager "we are pretty busy here and we just can't get to everyone."   That is beyond ridiculous thing to say to a customer.   Finally, I was told that they have the 256GB model in the store so 40 mins later, I get to the store only to find out they sold the product to someone else.


It took another week to find a 256GB model at the Joliet, IL store.   I went there to exchange my tablet and the manager tells that it will be $750 for the 256GB.  I showed him my receipt from December 2018 and I told him the conversation I had with the saleperson when I made my purchase.   He told me that he cannot honor previous committment from the salerep and he cannot help me because I purchased the product from a different and not his store----I don't even know what does that mean.   Aren't all BB stores represent the same company?  I didn't realize that each store was owned and operated individually.  


Next days, I left Joliet store to go back to Bolingbrook store.   I met a store manager named, Brian, who was extremely rude, if not openly racist.   His demeanor in terms of talking to me was really offensive.   I told him what had transpired when I made the initial purchase at his store and all the hassale I have been going through since then.   They had the 256GB model in the store but he stated that he will only sell it for $750 or the list price.   He won't sell the 256GB model to me for $650 as I was told by his salerep when I purchase the product.   To top it off, he tried to pretend to help me---again besides his racist tone and demeanor.   He told me that the best he can do is price match to Amazon prices.   I find that hilarious considering that majority of shopping is already done online these days and stores like Best Buy would refer their loyal customer's attention to Amazon.   Does BestBuy really want their customers base to go shop at Amazon?   If I wanted it from Amazon, I would have bought it from Amazon. 


Based on my previous experience, I have recorded all my conversation with Brian in its entirety.   I will be happy to share it if needed.   I rather not have to go through that again and see if we resolve this issue with someone who actually cares at the cooporate level.    I want to see if BestBuy truly means what it says about customer care.   I want to see if I am just another sale or does my loyalty actually matter.  


Thank you, 


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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

Hello there sjaffe2-


I could certainly understand why you’re reaching out to us on the Best Buy forums, and I want to assure you that all of the moderators on this site do work for the Corporate Headquarters in Richfield, MN.  Although I may not be able to offer anything that was being offered that is no longer on promotion, I’m certainly hoping to work with you to see how we can regain your confidence in Best Buy.


Send me a private message containing your purchase receipt customer service PIN, full name, phone number, and email address, I’m truly hoping to explore how I can better assist you!


Click the blue button in my signature line below to send me your private message! 

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