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How can I contact upper management, general store manager or corporate?

I bought a Brydge 10.2 Max+ Keyboard and the 2 year accident policy less than 2 years ago. The product started failing on me about a year after I bought it. I recently took the product to Geek Squad and was told they couldn't help me nor replace the product as the store/company no longer carried it. I was given a prorated amount back for the accident insurance of $7.30 and a fraction of the cost of the keyboard for my troubles.
I just noticed less than one month after I was told that Best Buy does not carry the product that I can indeed buy one online at Best Buy.
My keyboard is now completely unuseable. In looking for some kind of help with the issue.....I found that Best Buy does still infact......sell these keyboards.
I would like someone to look into this matter....preferrably a General store manager, Regional manager, District manager....anyone who can help me resolve this issue.  I am very unhappy with how I have been treated by Best Buy and Geek Squad. I have spent plenty of money at Best Buy and always trusted that I would be taken care of, especially if I bought the insurance that was provided. 
So I would like to know how to contact someone in upper management, a general store manager, or even corporate. Does anyone have a suggestion?  It would be very much appreciated.
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Re: How can I contact upper management, general store manager or corporate?

Hello, dessey,


Welcome to the Best Buy forums. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and apologize for the experience with exchanging your product, I would love to assist and see what's possible. Can you please send over a private message with your full name, phone number, email address and Geek Squad protection plan number? You can click on "Private Message" next to my signature.


Kind regards, 

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