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Horrible return Policies

After months of attempting to purchase a RTX 3090 from best buy, I was finally able to beat the bots and get one. Unlucky for me the card was DOA. Normally it wouldn't be an issue to just return a product to exchange it for a new one. But in today's market 3000series GPUs are extremely hard to come by. My main issue is that Best Buy has nothing in place for this. I was offered no equal alternative products or even to be put in a priority queue to replace my broken item. This is the second time I have purchased a high end PC product from best in which I had to return. This is terrible customer service. Best Buy should have a priority queue for customers who have already paid for a product they bought.

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Re: Horrible return Policies

The good news is that if you have a damaged video card but there are no exchanges available through Best Buy I find that many RMA departments of video card manufacturers offer excellent and quick exchange services for broken video cards.


Back in the day I bought a Geforce MX 4000 video card from Best Buy, I am unsure of the manufacturer of it. Can you believe I was gaming on that low end card? Anyhow the card had a defect with artifacting and there was no more in stock at the time. So I contacted the manufacturer who verified the defect.


Within 2 days I received a replacement card and a prepaid label to send the defective one back in the box the new one was in. And all was well.


So I advise anyone who may have defective cards to try the manufacturer first.

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