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Horrible customer service

This morning my fiance asked me to get a couple of items from the Best Buy in Wilson North Carolina.  When I attempted to enter my card information, the system did not allow me to enter 07/2020 as an expiration.  My finace wanted me to place the order using her card and pick it up which I did.  The system sent me a text message at 1:07 pm that the order had been placed.  I was sent a second one at 1:26 informing me that the order was ready for pickup.  The text said I had to bring the credit card used.  An email was sent to my email account at 1:32 repeating that my fiance had to pick it up and must have the card physically with her.


At 1:33, I called the store and talked to someone who identified herself as Lisa.  I told her my name, my girlfriend's name and explained what happened.  I informed her that it would not be possible to have the card this afternoon and confirmed that it was not needed and I was authorized to make the pickup.


At about 4:15, I entered the store and waited for one of the women at the order pickup desk to get off the phone. Neither women where wearing visible name tags.   I gave her the order number and she asked to see my ID before telling me the card holder had not OKed me for pickup.  At this point I was fustrated since I had specifically called to make sure I could make the pickup and asked how to fix it.  She told me that my fiance would have to use the app to make changes and it would take about an hour. When I told her I was the one getting the text and emails for it and had checked via phone to make sure everything in order, I was again told that the only correction was for the card holder to make it through the app.  I wasn't about to wait and asked her how to cancel it.  She told me she could not cancel the order, we would have to go on the app and cancel it.  I again told her we didn't use the app and were not going to install it to cancel the order and was again told to I would have to use the app.  


At this point I left, told my fiance what happened, and asked her to cancel the order.  This was at 4:22.  She called the store and asked for the manager.  At 4:37 I received a text that the order had been cancelled.  Clearly, that all changes must be made on the app and take about an hour was also incorrect.


Until today, I had a mildly positive impression of Best Buy.  After this, it is distinctly negative and neither of us has any intent to make a purchase from a Best Buy in the near future.  All told, I wasted about an hour dealing with your order system, calling the store to confirm I could pick up the order, dealing in person with a service person and all the driving.  My time is too valuable to waste in such a fashion.



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Re: Horrible customer service

Hello, Leona37663,

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! Thanks for making your first post with us.


Whenever I try to plan out my day, I try to make any errands that I have to run out and do as efficient as possible. I'm sorry for all of the confusion that took place over the order.

As I'm not located at the store, it's hard to say exactly what might have occurred, or what sort of misunderstanding or miscommunication might have taken place. Outside looking in, it seems like a lot of what transpired may have been linked to concerns around our Privacy Policy. Best Buy has these policies in place to protect our customers, as well as to help prevent potential fraudulent activity. Order modifications, including cancellation, can only take place with the consent of the person who was ultimately billed for the order. Generally speaking, when it comes to picking up an order, the person completing the pickup would either need to be the person who paid for the order, or the person who was designated as the pickup person at the time of placing the order. 


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. I hope this gives you a little bit of additional understanding on what might have happened with your order and visit.


Fey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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