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Horrible Store Expereince

Today was the day that I decided that I was going to BestBuy to purchase the new Ring Video Doorbell Pro. There are only two stores on this island of Honolulu Hawaii. Anyhow, I went to the Pearl City store and they were out so I drove 35 miles to the Honolulu Store #763 and found it on the shelf with out the help of Customer service reps. I should start off when I first entered the store walking around aimlesly trying to find help from anyone of the workers wondering around the store. No one seemed interested in helping so I continued my search. I decided to go on to have a possible hint to how the packaging looks to better help with my search and I stumble upon an ad stating that if I was to purchase the Ring Doorbell 2 or Pro, I would be elegible to purchase an Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) for $49.99. So, now I'm very excited and the search was over I found what I was looking for and low and behold the Amazon Echo was right next to it. So, I grab both items the Ring Doorbell Pro and Amazon Echo, start heading to register. I get to cash registers there is only on person there by the name of Sandra. So, Sandra is helping me, when I approach the register I smile and say hello but no smile back and no hello back from Sandra, no problem. I go on to tell Sandra that I was online and found this ad stating that if you purchase the Ring Doorbell you can get the Amazon Echo for $49.99. I show this ad to Sandra and she tells me that its for online purchase only. Not true, no were on the ad does it state for online purchase only. Sandra seemed to be getting a little agetated when I ask if she could find out more information about this ad, I would like to take advantage of the ad and make the purchase. Sandra tells me that she knows nothing about the ad and cant honor it. I ask Sandra if she could please call a manager so that we can get this figured out. A little hestation from Sandra but she does it. Sandra calls for a manager and Sandra is talking to someone on the other end of her ear peace, Sandra explaines the situation and at the end of explaining she tells whomever she is speaking with that it is for online purchase only. Sandra gets off the line and says the manager is not coming because its for online purchase only. Now I'm teed off, I ask Sandra were on the ad do you see the words for online purchase only?  Sandra's response is that it says to click here, OK but where does it say for online purchase only. Sandra says,"I'm assuming since it says click here that it is for online purchase only". I dont understand what she means, oh boy, I ask Sandra is your manager coming, Sandra says she aint coming because its for online purchase only in a very rude and cocky attitude, now this is no young girl, she must be at least 45 year old lady, with no commonsense.. Now I'm so upset and not understanding why this lady does not want to help me with this purcahse or at least find out what the ad is all about. Anyhow, I just paid for the one item, Ring Doorbell Pro and then walked over to the door person and asked for the door person to call a manager for me to speak with. 15 minutes later a manager by the name of Steph approaches and I introduce myself to her and explained the situation. I also asked if she spoke to Sandra a few minutes ago about this Amazon Echo ad. Steph the manager says yes I did speak with her about some online thingy. Hahaha, ok, yes the online thingy is an Amazon Echo that I wanted to purchase a few minutes ago but seems no one is interested in selling the item. I also want to mention that Sandra says that you did not want to come to cash register where I waited for about 20 minutes for your assistance. Steph replied that I did not say that, I told Steph did you not just admit to speaking to Sandra about the Thingy Thing (Amazon Echo) earlier and I hear Sandra asking for you to come to register becuase customer wanted to speak with you. Steph replies "I DID NOT SAY THAT" ok Steph I believe you, NOT. Anyhow, end of story what a horrible experience and so unprofessional. First place this cashier named Sandra should have been more helpful and willing to find out about this ad that was presented to her. A few calls or possible read the fricken ad itself for starters would have been a big help. The manager named Steph is a liar and not worthy of a manager position. If a cashier calls for your assistance, you get your butt up there and find out what is going on and try to find a solution. You have a customer wanting to make a purchase, a large purchase. I spent over $250 and it could have been a$300 plus purchase if the cashier and manager would just do there job. I'm so upset I might just return this Ring Doorbell Pro and buy it from Amazon. Amazon is so great, if you have a problem you call them and such helpful people. They want your business and guess what, if I told them about an ad they would be all over it and would have made the sale. Amazon is such a great place to do business, great people, great customer service. Honestly, I dont see as much people in Bestbuy anymore like before and its probably because of people like Sandra and Steph. Anyhow, I still want my Amazon Echo for the $49.99 price but how do I get it. What must I do to get this purchse at the discount price since I already purchased the Ring Doorbell Pro? Please help with this ASAP because I'm affraid the ad will end soon and I will lose my opportuniny to make purchase. Thank you

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Re: Horrible Store Expereince

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Hi, roncastillohawa,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I apologize for the poor experience you had at your local Best Buy store with Sandra and Steph. While it’s possible that the promotion you were looking at was online only, they should have provided you with much better service throughout the process.


I’d like to dig into this a little further for you, so that I can make sure that we use this feedback to provide better service going forward,as well as to see if that promotion would qualify in-store. Please send me a private message, through the link in my signature, with your name, email address, phone number, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your receipt.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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