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Horrible Experience with the Geek Squad and Assistant Store Manager Kevin in Your Crystal Lake, IL

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To Whom It May Concern.


I just received my laptop back yesterday after first dropping it off last month on Service Order # {removed per forum guidelines}.  It was brought in due to having loose USB ports and a loose power charging port.  It was explained to the representative that the issues were intermittent to where the ports would not work at all.  Some of the keys on the keyboard were not functioning properly as well.  The repair comments were:  Replaced defective motherboard, top cover and dc jack, and keys issue/now unit charges, displays, works properly and no longer has issues.  When my son picked up the computer after the repair the USB ports were still loose and the charging port was also still loose and all ports were only working intermittently.  There was a large scratch on the front case of the computer and several small scratches all over the top cover of the computer.  I had my son drop off the computer a second time on Service Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

.  The client description of issue was listed as REDO.  Device supposedly had the motherboard replaced, the top cover was not replaced, and the ports were all still loose and only working intermittently.  The repair comments were NFF, checked unit and verified that all USB ports and charging port are working properly and they don't lose connectivity, sending unit back to store as no fault found.    I went to pick up the computer and tested the USB ports and charging port at the Geek Squad desk and they were still loose.  The agent Jennifer (who was very nice and polite) said that if we sent the unit back out it would probably come back in the same condition.  I requested to speak to the Store Manager, who was not available.  So I then asked for the Assistant Manager.  Kevin, the Assistant Manager, came up to the Geek Squad desk and I showed him how the ports were loose and that the computer had not been fixed.  I also showed his photographs from my cell phone that showed the scratched up top cover that was supposed to be replaced.  He told me that their technicians said there were no issues found.  I explained to him that I am a technician for a local company and do tech support on computers and repair them.  He asked me why I didn't fix the computer myself then.  I asked him why I would fix a unit that was still under warranty?  The Geek Squad agent Jennifer said that their tech tightened the "clips" on the ports of the computer.  I explained to both Jennifer and Kevin that there are no clips holding the ports to the board and that the ports are soldered to the board and would not be loose if the motherboard had been replaced like it stated it had been when I first dropped it off.  The Assistant Manager Kevin offered me a hub for USB ports.  I then asked him how that is going to fix an intermittent issue with the USB ports and the power port on the computer?  He had no answer and would not send the computer out a third time.  At this point I requested the Store Manager AGAIN.  I was then told that the Store Manager was not in until the next day.  I asked the Assistant Store Manager Kevin, What time will the Store Manager be in?  WIth a wave of his hand he said oh 2 or 3 o'clock.  I asked him which time it would be and was told, Oh I guess he will be here around 230.  I asked him, Will he be here in this store at this desk at 230 PM the next day to speak with me?  Kevin was very dismissing and said, yeah.  SO, I went back in the next day and spoke with the Store Manager Jerry who was very nice and helpful.  I explained to him how I was treated by his Assistant Manager Kevin and that I did not appreciated his condescending and snotty attitude when I was in the store.  The Store Manager Jerry agreed to send my computer back out a third time using what he called a White Glove service.  The computer we back out on Service Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

.  The Repair comments on this ticket said:  Replaced units motherboard, bottomcase, dc jack.  Unit no longer has loose USB ports or charging ports on right side as they have been replaced.  The Agent Notes at Check-in were:  REDO X 2.  SVC replaced motherboard. NFF the last time we sent it out.  USB and charging ports are still loose.  Tighten loose ports/repace ports.  After yet another week, I received my laptop back.  While the ports are still slightly loose, which is something that I can live with, I now have my laptop back after a month.

The Store Manager Jerry and your Geek Squad Jennifer were both very nice and helpful.  BUT, I am EXTREMELY disappointed with how I was treated by your Assistant Store Manager Kevin.  I found him to be rude, condescending, and not someone that should be working with customers that you care to keep in your store.  Due to his behavior I am not even sure that I would shop in your stores again and wanted you to be aware of how one of your employees treats your customers.  Before I went to social media and other sources on this I wanted to provide you with the opportuntiy to make a bad situation better.

Samantha K.

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Re: Horrible Experience with the Geek Squad and Assistant Store Manager Kevin in Your Crystal Lak...

Hello, SamanthaSteinB4, 


We appreciate you taking the time to connect with us here on the Best Buy Forums. When a computer is not functioning as intended, it is always important to get it fixed as soon as possible. I’m glad to hear it is now back in your possession, but the experience you’ve described with the Assistant Manager at your local store is far from what we would have wanted. Quality customer service is something we expect from all our Blue Shirts, especially the leaders.


It sounds like the General Manager is already aware, which is the best place to start. Our team would like to look further into this, and to make sure this instance is properly documented at our Corporate Office. Would you mind providing the information required for us to view your service orders? We would need your full name, email address, and telephone numbers. It is important you share this in a Private Message by clicking the blue box next to my name below.


I did have to edit your post to remove the service order numbers, simply because this is a public forum. Those details are considered personal and confidential, and I we need to ensure your information is secure while we work together online.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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