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Horrible Customer service!

I want to reach out and tell you the details of the worst experience I have every received from Best Buy. I would also like to add that I tried calling the Customer Care line and spoke with a representative named Leenda. She was just as horrible with customer service skills as the associate in which I had the run in. (more on Leenda in a few) Me and my wife have been wanting to replace our privacy phone protectors and went to our local store to see if they had them in stock. The experience at the first Best Buy was very good. We could not locate the protectors but we were able to easily find an associate and ask if they had them in stock. The associate found one that fit my wife's phone and we asked if they would apply it to her phone. He kindly let us know that there would be a small fee. We were happy to pay the fee in order for the protector to be applied appropriately.  The associate asked if we would like to see if the Best Buy in the next town had the protectors, for my phone. We agreed that we would like him to check and he said they indeed had 6 in this  sister store. He asked if we would like to go ahead and purchase it, at that time, and then we could just head up there and go to Customer Service. They would then have the product waiting and direct us to an associate that could install the screen protector. We headed to the sister store and were happy to not have to go in search of the product and that the process would be smooth. Well, we were sadly mistaken. We went to customer service where we encountered an associate (don't know his name because he had no name tag on). He looked up our order and then said that they did not have any in stock. I was stunned because the other store said that they had 6 on hand. I also looked on line and the on line showed that this store had them in stock. Instead of appologizing and asking what he could do to make this right, he just kept saying that there was nothing that they could do and that we would have to go back to the other store to get our refund. He was extremely snarky. If he would have just appologized and called a manager then things might have been different. He word vomited all over! He kept blaming the problem on us and saying he could not do anything!  Well I know differently because my wife is a Store Manager and this is not how you treat a customer, let alone an Elite member. We finally had to get loud and ask for the Manager. All the while the associate just kept on yapping!  The Manager arrived and explained the process of the return and that they could not return a product that they did not have. I could understand that but now the whole situation revolved around taking care of me, the Customer!  She was able to call the other store and have them return the product over the phone. She did appologize for the confusion of the wrong quantity being in the system but never appologized for the associates behavior. She also did not assure me that she would coach the associate on how to better handle a situation gone wrong. I was planning on buying a phone casel but to be quite honest, I don't know if I ever want to spend my money with Best Buy. When we got back in the car, still fuming because of the horrible service, we called Customer Service. This is when we spoke with representative Leenda. She had no empathy in her voice. She sounded as if she was not listening. When I questioned her on whether or not she was listening she was snarky and then became excuse driven. She said all she could do was check on orders, even though it was the Customer Service line she was not equipped to handle complaints. I asked if I could talk to her Manager and she said she would put us on hold and get someone. Guess what happened next???? We were disconnected!  Really makes me wonder what kind of circus Best Buy has become!  I understand that product and shipping are difficult in this day of the pandemic but you would also think that any brick and morter store that is still surviving, in these time, would step up their game in Customer Service!  I have always thought that the Customer Rules should be the slogan for all retail stores.

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Re: Horrible Customer service!

Welcome to our community, sflint.


I cannot tell you how many experiences I've had trying to make purchases of one kind or another that start very well, but have a sharp turn in the middle to something far less acceptable. I was happy to hear that the first store to which you ventured seemed capable and helpful, but definitely not overjoyed to read that the second store seems to be much less hospitable toward getting you taken care of. To have this complicated further by a telephone call with Leenda that did not go smoothly either would certainly have been upsetting to me too. I apologize for your having had to cope with the talkative representative at the store and Leenda's less than helpful attitude.


I'm happy the manager you spoke with was at least apologetic for the circumstances. As a matter of practice, coaching of employees is not a matter that is discussed with our customers. While I understand your wanting reassurance, the manager would not have been able to share those details with you.


I'd like to ensure that the details of your experience are made available to our corporate teams. If you would care to reply with the locations of the stores you visited, I'll be happy to see that this is shared appropriately.


Please know I am grateful you took the time to share these concerns with us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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