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Horrible Customer Service

Very Disappointed with this Best Buy,

I never tough I was ever going to write a bad review about Best Buy, bu I guess it happens, I was at the store last week because i wanted to upgrade my Two Verizon Cell Phones, this location was the only one that have them in stock I-phone Xs Max 512GB, the associates that helped me were very awesome and really helped me out (Dianna and Nick are the two i remember), I actually added Beast Headphones cases and Battery chargers , well up to that part everything was perfect, here is where the issues started.

2 days later I received a coupon From Best Buy, the coupon offered $100 if i upgrade my phones and listed the phones that i purchased, at that time i still have the phones inside the box unopened, I decided to call the store location immediately since there was $200  on best buy GC so why not take advantage of the promo plus the phones were still unopened, whell beside being on hold for almost 30 min, when I asked the associated help in regard on how to apply the coupon  I was told that all managers were Busy to leave my name and number and they will call me back. I was ok with that and provided the information, well, next day was here and i never heard anything from Best buy so i decided to call again, guess what the same history they took my name and number and stated that will call me back, so i took my chances still believing in Best buy and opened the phones and transferred the information, thinking that the worst case scenario they will charge the $35 restocking fee but i will still receive a $65 Best Buy Gift Card, good deal $130 positive on credits that i will still have to use in the store. well I never got any call back in regard of that issue. next issue came in , after i activated the phones i received a message from Verizon with my next bill, I got surprised when i noticed that they charged me $80 to activate the phones. so i called Verizon and explained that i purchased the phones at BBY and none of that information was disclosed also that they never activated the phones i opted to use my existing sim cards, not good they told me i had to deal that with BBY but they did offered me a credit of $30 for the inconvenience.

I decided to go back to best buy and solve this 2 issues , I was helped by Nick since was the manager on Duty, he tried to explain the situation and also stated that there was no note in regard of returning a call for me, well i tried to move on and not have to deal with that and explained the situation again to get that resolved, he didnt have idea about that coupon and took a picture of the email and went to talk to someone in the admin office. (FYI i worked for Best Buy so i know there was a MOD in the building), anyway the way that was offered to me was unacceptable and this is why I am writing this review, he told me he can honor the coupon since was still valid the day i spoke to him, that there will be a $35 restocking fee per phone , I was happy since we were going in the right direction, But here the main issue, I cant keep the phones and i have to return them to Best Buy and they have to order 2 more for me since they phones were useless after they were returned. I explained Nick i spend a lot of hours transferring my information and he just stated that was the only way.

At the end I was addressed to speak to the Gm if needed, i really don't have time for that, i wont return the phones and wait for new ones, it just don't make sense.

In regard of the activation fee, he stated that Verizon always charges activation fee ignoring the fact that they should disclose that while the customer is purchasing the phone since i really didn't have to get both phones the same day and i could have wait and do 1 at the time, he just say sorry, like saying it is what it is. 

I wish Best Buy will find a way to fix this. at this time i just felt played. i got the opportunity to get 200 offered from Best Buy but it was a lie. 

feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


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Re: Horrible Customer Service

Hi, DennisPosas,


Good afternoon, and welcome to the Best Buy Forums. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

We expect all of our associates to be engaged with our customers and ready to help out, as well as to provide accurate information. I'm sorry that you were left feeling differently after trying to reconnect with your local Best Buy over the phone and in person. My understanding is that, in order to provide an adjustment on pricing for a phone, it may be necessary to return and replace the purchase. In the event that there were not any additional phones in stock, the store may have needed to place an order for new devices. In some cases, we may be unable to resell or reprocess another transaction for the items that are being returned. I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you, and for any unexpected activation fees that you received. May I ask what you are currently seeking from Best Buy in regard to your experience?


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