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Horrible Customer Service by a Manager- Saugus Store

I usually won't go out of my way to try to contact corporate or speak to Regional Manager but in this case I feel like somoene needs to know. I walked into Best Buy yesterday with TV I had purchased at the end of May. I understand that it has been over 15 days since my purchase but because of Covid I thought they had been closed or not accepting returns like  other stores are doing. Previous to me walking in yesterday I have also called the store several times and it just continued to ring, soI figured they were closed. As things seem to be easing up a little bit I decided to finally take a leap of faith and walk into the store with my TV. I purchased this open box TV back in May and it has not worked one day since the purchase, I was never able to connect it to my wifi. At this point I honestly feel like my issue has gone beyond the TV, it has now become a customer service issue. I walked into the store and spoke to the young lady in the return area, she explaind to me that I could not return it because it has been way over 15 days. She was polite about it, even plugged in the tv and tried to connect it to the Wifi and the TV said network was disconnected, which is the same issue I have been having with the TV. She acknowledged my problem but said she couldnt help me, so I asked to speak to her manager. Her manager came over, didnt even introduce himself or acknowledge me, he spoke to the sales lady and told her to send me over to repair and walked away. I asked the young lady if that was the manager I was waiting to speak to and she said yes. So I followed him and basically had to force him to acknowledge me and my situation, he didnt once ask or try to check my TV to see what the problem was, instead he tried to blame me. I told him how I hadnt came in because of Covid and his response to that was, "Oh but covid didnt stop you from walking into a store and purchasing the tv right". I was apalled by his response, I found it to be disrepectiful and of little concern to him. His concern should have never been why I couldnt come in, his concern should of been my TV!! at that point I decided to walk away from the conversation before it escalated, but before doing so I made sure to let him know how rude he was and his response to that was "Yea I know". I am honestly surprised that Best Buy would not have better training for their employees, especially managers. I usually like going into my local Best Buy for purchases but at this point I don't feel like I am welcomed there or apprecaited. I know my purchase was not a major purchase, it was a $200.00 TV, which I left there because I refuse to even deal with that kind of service. Hope management at that store could get it together beacause from the reviewes they have it doesnt seem like I am the first customer to recieve bad service.