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Horrible Customer Experience

 I've been a Best Buy customer for years.  I purchase from Best Buy because of the great customer service.   I could always rely on getting an issue I had resolved.  Until now.  I went to the Bergen Town Center store to purchase the surface bundle for my son as a birthday gift.  They told me they didn't have any more bundles.  I asked the Rep to search other stores to see if they had it.  He claimed he did and said there were no more.  I then purchased the items seperately at a price about $250 more than the bundle.  I didn't trust that the Rep really tried to find one so I immediately went home and got no my computer and found it at a store 25 mins away.  I went back to Bergen Town and they told me that they would order the Surface and I could go to Secaucus to pick it up.  They also told me to return the items I purchased from them to the Secaucus store.  I thought they could have given me the individual pieces, the surface and keyboard cover, for the same price and I could go home.  The Best Buy I used to know would have.  I went to the Secaucus store and waited on the returns line and then the pick up order line.  Whatever.  It's my sons 16th birthday.  All good.  I'm good because he was happy.  A week later the surface won't recognize the keyboard.  I tried everything from online help and nothing worked.  I took it back to Bergen Town.  The Geek Squad dude knew absolutely nothing.  Apparently he was just wearing the shirt.  There was a time when the Geek Squad people would do a quick trouble shoot to see if it was something simple.  He told me to take it back.  I get on another line and the customer service rep tells me that they have no more and I would have to wait a week to get one.  I know there are different sku numbers, but at this point, just give me a surface and keyboard at the same price and let me be on my way.  Nope.  It's going to take a week.  I'm really frustrated at this point so I'm looking for any blue or yellow shirt to get me the store manager.  I ask the security dude.  I did curse but I didn't curse at him.  He told me to watch my language and then only then would he get me the manager.  At that point it was better that I left.  I then went home, and got on the website to call customer service.  The people there where responsive and did what they could do.  This lady got me a Geek Squad appointment in 3 hours at another store.  I took it there where they told me they would have to order me another one.  But they told me it would be in 3 days.  So much better than Bergen Town.  I left that store.  Sat in the parking lot and searched for the Surface Bundle.  They had them at B&H in NYC.  Plenty of them.  I went to B&H and later returned my Surface to Best Buy.  There were multiple opportunities to solve my problem.  All I got was sorry, and you have to do more work and more driving.  I love the Surface.  i'm going to get one for myself.  Am I going to get it or anything else from Best Buy.  Probably not.  If I have to do all of this waiting and get poor customer service, I can get my stuff from Amazon.  

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Re: Horrible Customer Experience

Hello, alexcaviness,

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What a thoughtful gift to give your son as we head into a new school year! While it sounds like your purchase ultimately came from a competitor, I hope your son has an extra special birthday and is loving his new Surface. I'm sorry that getting one wasn't the easy process that we would expect. Did you need any assistance with getting your feedback over to the leadership team at the Bergen Town Center location?


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