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Horizontal lines on 4k Tv

First, I’ll plug the model.

Model Code: UN43TU7000FXZA

4k 43” Samsung Tv. Picked it up about 10 days ago, and for some reason, I turned it on after maybe 2 days of not using it, and white horizontal lines appeared on my screen as I used the remote.

They would dance with the movement of the screen, I thought that was interesting. I reset my TV, and fired it back on. As of now it went back to normal. Question for you guys.

Should I be worried about that? Ever since I got the TV I only use it about one or two hours every other day, so I’m curious why the horizontal lines came out of nowhere. I was very careful with unpacking the TV and installing it.

I can always return it at Best Buy but only if it’s before 14 days. I’m coming up on before then and it would suck if the problem came back a week later, without the ability to return it. I don’t care for a refund, I just want a functioning TV. Before I picked up the Samsung, I had two defective insignias. My luck with technology, is not the best. Thanks guys. Let me know.

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Re: Horizontal lines on 4k Tv

Hello, clevend


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I had a Sony television years ago that had a similar problem. It would work fine for days then it would randomly have weird lines or image artifacts, I spent months trying to troubleshoot the issue before eventually replacing it. I am not certain if this is a known issue with that particular Samsung model, or if it is just a one off instance with that particular unit. Since you are still within the 15 day return period, I would recommend exchanging the TV for another unit. It will be a lot more convenient for you to exchange the item that it will be to have it serviced under the manufacturer warranty, should the problem persist.


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