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Henry is the worst Manager for Best Buy ,,,,,Zero customer service and zero managerial skills



I just want to make say Henry if that is his name given to me from him is the worst manager and does not deserve to be in Best Buy community. His managerial skills are sub zero and here is why.


On August 2nd, I recently purchased two I watches for my wife and me. I also purchased 2 screen protector called Invisible shield" for 39.99 each and installation of 7.99


Total purchase with 2 I watch, tempered screen protector, installment and tax was 809.43


On August 8, my screen protector for some reason the top right corner brooked or part of it came loose and I DID NOT banged my Iwatch to any hard object. I just do not know how it happened. I took my Iwatch to Best Buy 13510 Paxton St, Pacoima; CA 91331 address and the MANGER or the GEEK MANAGER no question asked happily replaced my glass screen protector with his exceptional customer service.


On the same day later on in the afternoon my wife called and told me that the same has happened to her screen protector.


Next day as I was in city of Glendale I went to the Las Files branch (2909 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039) and I spoke to a geek representative and I explained and showed my wife watch that part of the glass is torn off and I even showed a capture photo and my I watch which part of the screen was also torn off. The geek  technician  right away  and without thinking what he is going to say  told me you need to go to apple store to replace the new screen protector,


That was the first misguided answer that why do I need to go to apple store for this. This is a product I purchased from Best Buy and it need to be resolved with in Best Buy. The technician told me there is nothing I can do so I told him let me speak to a manager.


I explained again my same dilemma to “Henry" the manager and he told me that you need to consult with the company you purchased and there is nothing I can do.


I told him about my i watch  and showed him the photo that it is ironic and coincidence that both screen protector has the same issue, and he was still telling me there is nothing I   can do. Then I told him  I was I Best buy  Pacoima store and the manager of the geek squad happily replaced my screen  protector and why  can't you. He did not say anything. I told him if you want you can replace it but you do not want to and THIS IS WHERE I GOT ANGRY because his answer was YES I CAN. 


  As a Manager he need to look more in detail and see his option and not just answer right away. I told him I was an elite customer and I think I deserve a special treatment but he was a stone cold and I was like talking to a wall.


Later I went to Best Buy Burbank (1501 N Victory Pl, Burbank, CA 91502) sand Justin the Geek technician told me in a very professional way that I can replace it but there is not point to it since we been receiving reports about the same problem you been having and might happen again, so my recommendation is to return and get your money back. This is how you treat a customer and not HENRY The worst manager I have ever experienced and it is disgrace for Best buy.


Thank you kindly


A devoted best buy Customer








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Re: Henry is the worst Manager for Best Buy ,,,,,Zero customer service and zero managerial skills

Greetings, razlalo!


Welcome to the forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us about your purchase and thank you for choosing us for your watch needs. It is definitely disappointing to learn that your experience at one of our stores was not what you expected. This is not the feels we want for you when you need help. We definitely expect our employees, from top to bottom, to conduct themselves as professional as possible in every situation. I am here to help in any way I can.


I would like to reach out to the store’s management team to ensure this issue gets addressed, and will also document your experience at a corporate level for internal review. First, I am going to need some more details from you. Please, private message me with your full name, phone number, and e-mail address connected to your account. To send it, click on the blue "Private Message" button next to my signature. I look forward to hearing from you.



Deysha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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