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Help with Microsoft Office Exchange

I purchased the Microsoft Office Home Suite for Student 2016 for PC from Best Buy before I started college. However, when I began classes the university gave each student access to Word and Excel for free so I didn't need to use my own. This year I graduated from college and hoped to install my purchased Office since the college canceled my account. I activated it online but it won't let me install it on my laptop.
The problem is that during college I bought a Mac since my PC broke. Now my purchased 2016 PC Suite won't work on my computer. I contacted Microsoft to see if they would let me exchange my PC version to a Mac version, or just take it off my account since it hasn't been installed anywhere yet. They said that I need to talk to Best Buy since that is where I bought the Office from. 
Can you help me please? I see on your website that "If you have purchased a service that you have not used, but you now wish to return and you are unable to return in a store, please contact us (from" so I have hope.
Thank you so very much
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Re: Help with Microsoft Office Exchange

Hey, gcoalminer, and welcome to our online community!


Thank you for posting for support on our forum, and congrats on graduating this year! That's an amazing accomplishment. I can understand wanting to check in about your Microsoft Office Home Suite situation, seeing as you now have a Mac when this was originally purchased for your PC.

While it may be true that you have not used this purchased service, our return policy mentions physical Microsoft Office cards that have not had their key code scratched off are returnable for 30 days after purchase. As it sounds like you purchased your Home Suite back in 2016, this would no longer be eligible for a return or exchange.


If you have any additional questions or concerns please me know!



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