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Hear Me Out -- Devastating Feeling!! #16

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I thought I just shared my unpleasant feeling about my experience with BBY 16.


Before I start, I would like to share a little bit about my self. Name is Jamal {removed per forum guidelines}. Currently work as Security Analyst (Engineering Side) with Farm Bureau, I was also a Project Team Lead for Best Buy (Proudly for District 109, Market 13). I re-shaped BBY stores within the areas and mostly for Store 16 and 796 as main store in Des Moines Area. I did a lot that store as my main home base along with good rapport with all the DMs and current/ previous leaders towards the metro areas. Lastly, I also a PROUD BBY Elite Member and I might not look like it but don’t judge book by its cover Smiley Happy .


Here’s my Story. It happened on Wednesday 06/12/2019. (On my lunch hours).


I purchased My 1st LG Oled E8 (55) 2018 model as OB that I considered as steal and hard to find deals. The moment I saw that, I talked to my buddy Charles, Brian for confirmation, conditions etc. I felt for it without my second thought and I know my wife was going to rip my skin opened (my thought) by purchasing it with her consultation and of course I wanna surprised her with my deals hunter. So I bought it on the Spot along with Geek Squad protection for another 5 years. I told Brian I will picked it up after my work hours at 5pm.

During my pick up hours, the TV was ready to be picked up and bubble wrapped, then something isn’t right and I was surprised a young kid handed my the TV to be put in to my car. I helped him but he has no strength to lift such TV and he slightly dropped the corner of the TV and smashed the right bottom side of glass and I was devastated with the incident.

The GM came and offered to assist. We went back to the store to settle and to see more options, but surprisingly, it was handled in business way instead how to resolve the issue. I get it there wasn’t any the same OB LG laying on floor but what he has to offered for OB Sony was total out of it and more towards marketing plot. I know a lot of technology and the GM should not use the word High End Model for Sony A8F 55 2018 model for the fact it’s the same level as product that I purchased (LG) just different brand. You just don’t!! use that marketing gimmick to resolve the issue and add another $500 from my original purchased to it + $$ Geek Squad Protections = $1500.00++ for OB with missing stand and other stuffs?? At the end I walked away from the store with empty handed with mixed feeling on how they handle things in my situation.


I was total waste of time, pleasure and excitement for my day and finaly I had a small courage to told my wife about it and she was up set and not happy about it as well. Till now, I cant stop thinking about the experience and here’s my story.


Based on my past experience, suggestions will be:

  • Never send a small kids to handle MHT/ Magnolia, Pacific Sales items.
  • Always send at least 2 persons as a team for those items.


I thank you for Brian and Charles for awesome services and time for assisting me in the store.


If you need additional information. You can always reach out to me at {removed per forum guidelines} / {removed per forum guidelines} – {removed per forum guidelines}


Thank you.


Jamal {removed per forum guidelines}



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Re: Hear Me Out -- Devastating Feeling!! #16



Welcome to our community. I always feel like I've won a championship game or the lottery when I find the perfect combination of product and deal. But I also know what it's like to have the deal snatched away too. I once had an incident much like you've described where the product i wanted was damaged and other arrangements had to be made. It was upsetting and disappointing to be sure. I very much regret that this has been your experience with your recent TV purchase at our West Des Moines location.


I'm happy to hear you were able to discuss the situation with the general manager. In truth they would have been best able provide the available options. It's discouraging to hear, however, that the available offerings did not meet your expectations. 


Please know I am grateful for the feedback you've offered. Best Buy cannot hope to improve in meaningful ways without the input of our valued customers. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Hear Me Out -- Devastating Feeling!! #16

Thanks John,


Unfortunetly the product was not damaged when I received it for the fact the helper was not capable to handle such weight. yes the GM try to make a deal but that was not the deal where I need to pop another $500++ for their team member mistake. it just ruin the moment and excitment and to be honest its unfair!