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Why is "Have gift card terms changed?" Discussion Locked From Adding Additional Comments?

Hi. I am new to these message boards. I wanted to add my 2 cents to the discussion regarding the change in gift card terms. Seems I can't add additional comments to that thread so here are my 2 cents


Complain to Best Buy about their change in policy and the fact that the unscrupulous users of gift cards get to decide policy and basically ruin a good thing for all legitimate gift card users. The only way to get this policy changed is if we all write to Best Buy which I did.


I said that they (Best Buy) needs to review the policy and find a solution that benefits the law enforcement community (who are trying to stop illegal activities) as well as the legitimate consumers/customers who use third party gift cards in a lawful way. Also mention  (like one of the posters in the "Have gift card terms changed? " thread) that we will start shopping elsewhere like Amazon and Walmart. The best tactic to fight this absurd but broad based policy (granted all stores are going this route) is to hit them in the pocketbook.


I also mentioned that I will cancel my credit card with them. If we all stop using Best Buy products and services maybe Best Buy will feel the pressure and reconsider their stance. They stood out from all the other companies for a long time by not giving in but eventually they, too, caved. Sorry but it is time to step up again or lose customers.....Just my 2 cents....

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BB Gift Card to Purchase Gaming Cards



I traded in some games with the intention of buying some gift cards for the Nintendo eShop.

It seems BB has blocked this type of transaction, although I cannot find the terms anywhere. Looking online this has been a recent change. When I was trading in, the online policy stated that I could use the gift card on ANY item at BB or Seems a bit misleading no?


What can I do at this point? Seems like a dishonest practice and now I feel BB doesn't deserve my business for misleading customers. 

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Gift Card Frustration

I had a very frustrating experience today at Best Buy. I tried to use a Best Buy Gift Card to purchase a Blizzard Balance card so that I could purchase a game online from the Blizzard Store. I was told that store policy had recently changed (roughly two months ago) and that you could no longer use a Gift Card to buy another Gift Card. I didn't understand that policy and asked to speak with a manager. After waiting several minutes to speak with someone about this situation, I was told again that it was against store policy and that it was to prevent fraud. They said that there was simply no way to conduct the transaction I wanted to because the cash registers would not allow it. I said I needed a better explanation why this policy was put in place and they were unable to give me any further information. I said I wanted to put in a formal complaint because this seems like a backwards practice given that so many games now have online transactions, paid game or subscription time, etc. If I can't purchase these with Best Buy Gift Cards, they are pretty much worthless to me. I have used Best Buy Gift Cards in the past for this type of transaction and Best Buy has been a go-to gift between me and my friends for special occassions. I just don't get it. I'm not trying to purchase a Visa card or something open-ended like that. It just doesn't make sense. And to add insult to injury, I cannot purchase the item I want directly from Best Buy so I am stuck now with a useless gift card, unable to purchase what I feel I should have every right to. So, long story short, I am complaining. And if nothing else, buyer beware. If you use Best Buy gift cards for game time, game balance or anything of the sort: beware. It won't work. I'm really disappointed Best Buy. You just lost a customer.

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Can you use E-GiftCards on other Gift Cards?

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Unverifiable Information

I keep getting my eshop card orders canceled even though I have always had this same information on my account it is very frustrating as all I want is to buy a $20 eshop card with a bestbuy giftcard I have available
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Re: Unverifiable Information

You can’t use a Best Buy gift card to purchase any type of gift card anymore. Best Buy put a stop to it on May 1, 2018. You need to use a credit or debit card and only instore. All emailed gift cards if purchased online will be cancelled because Best Buy will say “we are unable to verify your information.”
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Can you use Best Buy credit card to purchase other store gift cards?

Can I use my Best Buy credit card to purchase other store gift cards (i.e. iTunes, Kohls, etc.) or Visa gift cards?

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Gift card

I bought a $200 gift card via a promotion to get extra miles on my chg card. I only purchase Virgin Mobile Top-Up cards & am now told I cannot purchase the Top-Up card w/ the e gift card??? When did this happen as I have used promotional gift cards in the past? I basically have a useless $200 gift card as this is the only item I purchase from Best Buy.....very disappointed.