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The new "normal" that we all try navigate in the world of COVID-19 has everyone in a whirl–I get it. However, this should not be an excuse for the horrible customer experience that I had yesterday with a Best Buy employee in Southaven, MS yesterday. 


On, March 28th, the Best Buy location in my hometown of Jonesboro, AR was destroyed by a tornado. Since then, I've had to place online orders and drive to Memphis, TN, which is 1.5 hours or so away, to pick it up–not a big deal...until apparently yesterday. Somehow, my online order (which was quite large) was divided up into several separate orders at two different Best Buy locations. This was not realized until I arrived at the Memphis store on Poplar Ave., which was my initial pickup location. From there, I was told that the rest of my order was at another store (12 miles south) and that I'd have to go get it there. The problem: it was 5:30pm and I had to get to the other store before closing at 6pm. 


I arrived at the Southhaven store at approxinately 6:05. Customers were still in the parking lot for order pickup, so I got in line. I was approached by a Best Buy employee, who told me that I'd have to come back the next day bacause they were closing. I explained to him the situation, showed him on my phone where my "orders" were ready for pickup, and that I was sent there from their other location after driving 1.5 hours. He said he'd try to help me out, so he ran in and got one of the two orders that I was to pickup and told me that he had to close and that's all he can do. Again, I politely explained the whole situation, when he literally said "sorry, that's not my problem. You'll have to come back tomorrow at 10am". Then, I asked for the manager, to which he replied "I am the manager" and shut the store door in my face. 


Needless to say, I was furious. Between myself and two companies of mine, I spend upwards of $50,000 per year with Best Buy. I do not expect any kind of "special treatment", but for this to happen and for a person who claims to be a store manager to tell me that it "isn't his problem" and to shut a door in my face is completely uncalled for and unprofessional. 

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There is definitely a right and a wrong way to present disappointing information, and the manager in question certainly missed the mark.

We have been given strict instructions at our location to have the doors locked at exactly 6pm so as to be out the door shortly thereafter. I can only imagine the store has received similar details. Again, this doesn’t justify the way it was presented to you. I only mention it here as it requires Best Buy to hard close at the designated time.
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Hello, jeffmorris,


To say that COVID-19 has had an impact on how we live our lives would be an understatement.  The changes it has made to how businesses must operate cannot be overstated, much less the impact on families as well.


During all this, Best Buy, as a needed business, has made every effort to help our customers have access to the technology they need for all aspects of their life.  I’m truly happy to hear that you were willing to utilize our curbside service, even if it turned into a poor experience with this manager.


As jdogg836 pointed out, in many instances, our stores do need to be closed by a specific time, based on local and state ordinances.  In those situations, the store must follow those rules, and any manager would not have a choice in bending or breaking them.  I absolutely agree that this information could have been presented to you in a more professional and courteous manner.


It is my hope that you were able to pick up your order the next day without incident, and that you will continue to be the valued Best Buy customer that you have been up to this point.  We are grateful for your feedback.



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