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I wanted to purchase an iPad Pro today with some accessories. I went to a Best Buy (Store 157) on my way to work to inquire about promotions. I'm aware of Best Buy's financing options (12 months in this case) with no interest. I asked the sales associate if they could offer anything beyond 12 and he said it would be up to the bank.

I decided it would be worth a shot to call Citi Bank to see if they would offer 24 month financing. When I got connected with an account specialist I asked if that's something they could do and he asked what the purchase amount was and I stated over a thousand dollars. After some inquiring on his end he came back and said that they could do it that I just had to select 12 month financing during my purchase and to have a store associate call to change it to 24 months after. Awesome. Since I was already on the phone I inquired about a purchase I made on 1/27/19 that totaled over $2,400. This was a 12 month with no interest promotion, but since they said my new purchase wouldn't be an issue I asked if they could switch that to 24 months. Again after some inquiring by the associate he came back and said that would not be a problem. Sweet, they value loyal customers. I went off to work and returned later in the afternoon to make the purchase.

Here's where the experience takes a turn for the worst. I let the associate know what was going on and we proceeded with the process. We got Citi Bank on the phone and they requested manager approval. He called the assistant manager (Daniel) over and he refused to help stating that what is offered is the only offer. When I asked why, in a very rude tone, he stated that Best Buy pays for it on the back end and that customers can't just come in making their own financing terms. Wow, wasn't expecting that response, the guy on the phone just seemed so nice and it didn't seem like it was a big deal. I called Citi Bank again and this time I spoke with Kailey ({removed per forum guidelines}). She was extremely short and rude. Interrupting at every opportunity. Instead of listening to a frustrated customer she barked what the policies were. She stated the manager had to approve the change to Citi Bank. This is not what I was lead to believe on my first exchange with Citi Bank. Had they said that and the manager denied helping me, okay well at least it was worth a shot. But my first call I was lead to believe it wasn't an issue and to just call back. I explained to her and she saw in the notes that they had changed my purchase on 1/27/19 to 24 months. She continues interrupting me and speaking in a rude tone. So I hang up and call back.

This time I speak with Blessing ({removed per forum guidelines}). I explained what happened and she offers to see if there's anything she can do. I explained everything to her and she states the same thing that Kailey said. Must be approved by manager at Best Buy. I said well then why did they easily change my purchase from 1/27/19? She stated that the notes say I told the rep that I was misinformed by a store. This never came out of my mouth. I simply inquired if it was possible, never stating misinformation was given to me at the point of sale. She then said that she would have my call reviewed to see if I lied to the rep and if I had that they would remove it. Insinuating that I would lie to get my financing changed is flat out insulting and false. I've financed with my Best Buy card for many many years and to be treated like that is infuriating. She then said that she wouldn't take it off and I told her I would be happy if the calls were reviewed.

I'm EXTREMELY frustrated. What seemed like a non issue has turned into a huge hassle and NOW I feel like I have been mislead. I planned on making the purchase either way with Best Buy (12 month or 24 month financing), but now I have such a bad taste in my mouth I don't want to shop with Best Buy or Citi Bank again. The treatment I received from not one, but two supervisors is unacceptable. My intentions are to escalate this as high as possible and I will be publicly sharing my experience on any social media platform I can find (Best Buy and Citi Bank).


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The reps here can reply to the customer service issues on their end, they can't help with Citi bank. I've never heard if an agreement where the store pays the finance charges for you..... also make sure you do your research having multiple no finance agreements on the same card is where the credit card companies end up charging you in the end for all the finance, unless you specify each payment you make where you want it applied.
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My only intentions of this post are to get somebody's attention that can assist me. My explanation of the financing might not have been clear, I wasnt saying they would pay for my purchase, but the Best Buy rep said that they have to pay fees to extend the length of the of the no interest promotion. And I understand that you can't help on tht Citi Bank sober, bit how your assistant manager Daniel handled it is unacceptable. He was rude and made it sound like I was trying to dictate my promotion terms like I deserved it. I was simply a customer inquiring about the possibility.
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Hello James,


This is certainly quite the curious predicament to be in. It is not I can personally say I've seen before and not something I saw in the store environment either. However, I do apologize in advance for the inconvenience and hurdles you've faced here. That said, our financing is controlled entirely by Citi Bank N.A. as they are the ones who provide the card on our behalf. While financing offerings are provided by Best Buy, anything outside of the current promotions is outside of our control and even our store managers have no control in overriding this. For reference, our current offerings are as follows:


6 month financing on storewide purchases totaling $199 and up or 12 month financing on storewide purchases totaling $399 and up.


18 month financing on major appliance and Geek Squad® purchases totaling $599 and up.


24 month financing on home theater and Geek Squad® purchases totaling $799 and up.


24 month financing on unlocked phone and Geek Squad® purchases totaling $649 and up.


Should Citi be willing to offer anything outside of that then I would strongly suggest escalating this appropriately through Citi so they can work with you on altering your financing and payments as requested. Again, I do apologize for the hiccups and misinformation that may have occurred and please feel free to let me know should you have any further questions.

Dave|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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