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HELP re: Television Purchase



 I'd like to start by saying I shop at very often. I purchased a full set of kitchen appliances, 65" television, multiple apple watches, games, smart home items, etc. Most recently I purchased TWO 75" televisions. I was only in the market for one but when I was in the store a Magnolia associate told me they had an "open-box" tv that fit all the criteria I was looking for and he could sell it to me at a great price, so I bought them both. I was later told that the tv was missing the original box but I would be given a replacement box. Sure, I had no problem with that. 


 Things went south from there. I was ASSURED by multiple associates in store that the tv would come with a power cord and a remote control. When the Magnolia delivery team showed up to my home the "open-box" television had no box, no stand and no remote. Literally all the delivery guys attempted to bring into my home was the tv (with one strip of bubble wrap which was too small to fully wrap around the tv so it was hanging), and a power cord. I asked the delivery guy where the box, stand and remote were and his response was "this is all we have, you bought an open-box tv". I told them I would not be accepting a 75" tv with no remote and no stand (I wasnt prepared to mount the tv at that time, and would still want the stand even if I was). I was completely shocked that BestBuy and their delivery team was trying to deliver a tv to me with no remote, no stand, and no box; did they expect me accept delivery and sit a $1200-$1300  television on the floor? I called the associate that sold me the tv and was told that he would certainly be able to get me a remote and he would talk to his managers but should be able to order me a stand as well. 


 I assumed there were several mistakes made by the BestBuy associates so I went to the store to talk to a manager. Unfortunately, things just got worse. When I got to the store the first person I spoke to was shocked that another associate would tell me that he could order me a stand, he said this just was NOT the case not even something he'd ever heard of. He told me to wait around while he called his manager who was gone for he day. After maybe 15 minutes, he told me that because I purchased the tv at a "discount" the manager was unwilling to get me a remote or a stand and if I dont accept that I should just return the television. What kind of customer service is this?! Did I mention I purchased TWO tvs that day for well over $3000?!


 I then asked to speak to the store manager, who I'm assuming had also left for the day so I was taken to the assistant store manager; who said there was nothing he could do and that he would call the Magnolia manager, who was also completely not helpful. 


 I think that whatever type of tv you purchase from a franchise as big as BestBuy, be it open-box or otherwise, it is not an unreasonable expectation to expect the tv to come with the essentials to operate the tv, those essentials being of course the tv, the remote for the tv, the tv stand, and the power cord. Two of those four things I was not supplied with. 


 Please put me in contact with someone who can help.


Thank you,