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HELP! Charged for a pick-up item I didn't pick up - Bestbuy won't refund me!

So how this all came about, PS5 were a hot commodity to father really wanted one, and he didnt have the ability to watch for stock coming in and get the order in fast enough when they came to get I offered to help him get one. My dad lives in Ottawa Ontario, I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia 1440Km or 895 Miles away.


I made a best buy account for him in his name using his wife's credit card and waited for Ps5 to show as in stock on the best buy site. 24 June 2021 Ps5's finally come in stock for in store pickup only. I frantically submit an order with his account but don't receive an email saying it went through so I submit one on my account too as a back up in case the first one didnt work, both orders are for pickup in Kanata, On. approx 1440Km from my location under his wife's name. A few hours later I get two emails, both are saying that the PS5's are ready for pickup and that if I don't pick either up at 72 hours my credit card will not be charged and order will be automatically cancelled.


So i forward the order that is under my Father's account (his wife's name) to his wife so she can go get the Ps5 for him and I tell him nothing about the second order as I intended for it to just run out and my credit card not get charged. She goes and gets the PS5 the next day (25 June 2021) and I instantly get a receipt for that order showing that her credit card was charged for the ps5, which I forward to her. All is good my Dad finally has his ps5!


2 days later on 27 June 2021 almost to the hour of when my second order should be cancelled, I get emailed a second receipt and my credit card is charged...apparently the second ps5 was picked up? That can't be right. I check with my father and his wife and they were no where near bestbuy that days so I call Bestbuy and explain what happened, and ask for a refund. They say no problem and I will get a refund in a few days. I wait a few weeks and nothing happens so I call again, they apologize and say they will be refunding shortly so I wait again. Nothing again. I call a third time and they say they have to forward it to headquarters for an investigation and I will be emailed shortly with a confirmation number that it reached HQ. I get the email that it is at the investigation stage, and feel relieved that finally I may get my money back. Weeks go by and I hear nothing so I respond to the investigation email asking if there has been any progresss...I also call bestbuy again and they say it will be a few more days. Another few days go by and just this past friday 10 Sept 2021 I finally see an email from bestbuy. I open it excited to see that I will be getting my money back finally and to my extreme surprise it says that my request is being denied because their records show the ps5 being picked up on 27 June 2021 at 1247pm, which is, as i mentioned almost to the hour of when the order should have been canceled. I couldn't believe it.


So now I am at a loss of what to buy literally just took 715$ from me and will not give it back nor will they even give me the time of day to talk to them on the phone...I was not contacted once during this month long "investigation" they conducted. I am very unimpressed with the situation and would love if anyone has some advice on how to proceed further. Thanks.

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Re: HELP! Charged for a pick-up item I didn't pick up - Bestbuy won't refund me!

You would want to contact bestbuy Canada directly. These forums are monitored by bestbuy USA, which are different people.
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Re: HELP! Charged for a pick-up item I didn't pick up - Bestbuy won't refund me!

Welcome to our community, RippedOff3.


In my experience purchasing online, I have had all manner of order issues with one retailer or another and it's aggravating each time. I regret that your experience with Best Buy Canada has resulted in such an unhappy event.


With apologies--and as our friend, nckhammond, mentioned--this Community is intended for our U.S. customers. Please  continue to work with Best Buy Canada for further assistance with this concern.


Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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