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Good Grief Charlie Brown...Exasperating Experience in Trying to Give Positive Feedback!

Is that even a "thing"?!


Let me just start by saying, this is by far the hardest I have ever worked to be able to give some positive feedback.  Dear agony!


So here's the deal:  I ordered an additional 27" HP monitor online at a great price and went to the store (North Little Rock, AR) to pick it up.  I called the number "checked in" and had my monitor delivered in less than five minutes, by a girl named "Jess".  She was super pleasant, had a great attitude, and was very accommodating.  She then handed me a 1/3-cut, blue piece of paper and asked that I give feedback on my experience today...and I assured her that I would.


Unfortunately, this was the end of the positivity.  The paper explained that I could participate in the survey by either "scanning this QR code" or I could "email it directly to our store leaders at".


I scanned the code in (with three different readers...just in case) and no survey pops up, just some modified (where some numbers or letters or both, were lined through) addresses and sites.  I searched through those for a while, clicking on various possibilities with no results or redirection.  I'm both irritated and amazed that a store the size of Best Buy didn't have their crap together enough to have an active QR code in place...However, I point blank promised Jess that I would in fact fill out the survey and she absolutely deserves props for her character and customer service-driven countenance.


Therefore, I went the second route and typed in the exact email address given on the piece of paper, again, multiple times...only to discover the exact same "going nowhere, sea of crappy, broken segments and strikethroughs as before, with no mention of a survey or leader's email address.  And yes, I did type those questionable digits as both "000" and "OOO"(which should never be included in a document like this, simply because of the ambiguity) just in case anyone was wondering.


At this point, I am thinking "I wonder how many other folks are having this kind of trouble with this survey"  and I'm also thinking that Best Buy would want to know this and so I looked for a way to contact "someone" who might care to gather this information and perhaps go to work on a simple fix.  However, I have discovered that trying to send an email to someone [anyone] with a generic topic like this one is like finding the proverbial "needle in a haystack" and I then tried to find an email address at the corporate office and learned that the "media" are the only folks they want to hear from there (apparently) and the officers are all sealed in like Fort Knox (which that one I actually do understand) from outside communication.


Finally, I found this Forum and Blog section where I could actually type a freaking message to someone who might get something out of it, or be able to get in touch with someone to work on the issue at hand.  Yes, I realize I could have called the store itself in North Little Rock to speak with someone, but after neither contact point from the little printout worked, it kind of became a mission for me to get in touch with someone at a corporate level.  And, yes, I also realize this is very likely not the right department for this specific issue...but I'm not sure I have enough time left on this planet to find the right department, so I'm hoping you guys can forward this novel on to whom it may concern...which I hope is "someone".


All of that being said, even though I had never met Jess until yesterday, and will likely never see her again, I wanted to follow through for her on what I said I would do...because she was such an excellent example of how we should all be treating each other in every facet of life, not just our work environment.  Although I'm exhausted from seeing it through, I wanted to do my part, because she certainly did hers.    

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Re: Good Grief Charlie Brown...Exasperating Experience in Trying to Give Positive Feedback!

Good evening, Johami,


Welcome to our forums!  Although it sounds like it took quite a while to get here, I’m glad you were able to find us, and I appreciate you taking the time to share with us the experience you had with Jess at our Little Rock, AR. 


It sounds like the surveys your local store has been handing out still have a few kinks that need to be worked out, in order to make the feedback option a bit smoother, and I appreciate you taking the time to call our attention to this matter as well.  Please know I’ll be forwarding your feedback to the appropriate leadership at our North Little Rock, AR store, so Jess can get the kudos it sounds like she deserves, for her awesome customer service skills.


Thanks for posting!

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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