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Getting Runaround Cannot Contact Management False Advertisement

I typically do not participate in open forums regarding bad customer service. However I have made multiple attempts to contact corporate and/or management with no success. I have been told I will get a call back and I don’t. I’ve also been transferred and hung up on. I have been denied a corporate email where I can send my concerns by employee at (888)237-8289 customer care number. I’ve been told employees are not allowed to disclose procedure Best Buy follows regarding customer service complaints. This is my last resort in hopes that the following message is not ignored.
On August 26, 2021 certain Best Buy stores where going to participate in an in person sale event of RTX-3000 graphic cards. The Advertisement on Best Buy Website specifically stated these stores would hand out tickets to people on a first come first serve basis ON August 26, 2021. As such, my family went to the participating Burbank Best Buy and stood in lines for hours. My family arrived sometime after 2:00AM on August 26 and was among the first 12 customers in line. After the store manager opened the store, after 7:00AM on August 26, the entire crowd of people who had been in line all morning, was told the tickets to the event had been given away the day before. No notice was posted on store and website was not updated. This means over 100 people stood in line for absolutely no reason. Some did not sleep or slept very little, my family included, in order to be among the first 100 to obtain a ticket for a graphics card. The Burbank Best Buy choose to NOT FOLLOW Best Buy Advertisement and agreed upon business practice for this event. Had they chosen to not be a participating store, they had a responsibility to customers to remove their store from the list of Best Buy Website of participating stores. The manner in which the RTX-3000 event was handled yesterday was a combination of False Advertisement and sheer lack of disrespect/ disregard for Best Buy customers.
I have saved a screenshot of Best Buy’s Website Advertisement for this event, in case anyone in Best Buy’s Customer Service Management Team cares enough to respond to my comments. I have taken hours out of time making calls, being out on hold, being transferred, trying to find corporate phone numbers, and/or emails without ever reaching anyone who can address this. I understand that to you ( Best Buy) I am only one customer calling attention to this. However, there were over 100 customers in line with my family yesterday and everyone walked away from this event extremely dissatisfied and disappointed. When something of this magnitude takes place, False advertising and Best Buy’s reputation comes into play. I urge you to notify upper management and look into how this was handled to make sure proper protocols are followed if Best Buy plans to hold events like this again. I would also like to be notified if and when an employee reads this so that I know I haven’t once more, wasted my time. Respectfully, Extremely Dissatisfied Customer
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Re: Getting Runaround Cannot Contact Management False Advertisement

They will acknowledge your post, but that's probably all you will see.

I'm having an internal debate with myself of which is more eyebrow raising.

That the store couldn't be bothered to pick up a pen and put a sign on the door, or someone showing up at 2am "with Thier family'' just to wait on a graphics card.
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Re: Getting Runaround Cannot Contact Management False Advertisement

I can't remember which product release it was, but we had a similar situation happen at my store.


We had our allotted amount + 10 extra people in line when we left the day before.  It was raining.  We handed out tickets early at the request of our GM so that these folks didn't have to wait in the rain.  In addition to that, like Nckhammond mentioned, we put a note out for anyone who showed up.  The entire point is:  If they had enough people in line already to take up the entire stock, there was no point in forcing folks to line up in the rain and get soaked.  I took a picture of the line to validate the distribution, and to allow customers who showed up late that while we handed out tickets early they would have walked away empty handed either way.  I guess in hindsight, it didn't matter that it was raining, either way this would eat up people's time if we required to make them wait all night and we would still have the same number of individuals that are in the "runner up" category leaving empty handed.

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