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Get a copy of receipt for an in-store purchase.

I want to get a copy of a receipt for an in-store purchase made almost 2 years ago. I did not have an account with Bestbuy at the time so I can't get it online. From what I have read, I can go in-store with my credit card used and get it there as long as it wasn't more than 2 years ago. The problem is, that is was a debit card that has since been replaced, so the current card number is different from the one I used. It is still the same bank account just different debit card number. How can I get the copy in this situation?

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Re: Get a copy of receipt for an in-store purchase.

Hi, Duke_William,

Thanks for writing to Best Buy! Welcome back to the Forums!

In my house, I have a drawer that I put all of my important papers in. This includes receipts from major purchases, warranty information, product registration details, product serial numbers, and manuals. Rest assured that any time I find myself in a circumstance under which any of that information would actually be useful, I will be unable to locate it in that drawer. I think there are gnomes that sneak through my safe's drawers at night, stealing anything that I will actually need at some point. It sounds like they might have hit your house, too.

In order for the store to try to locate a receipt using a card, I do believe that the card number would have to have the same card number. It is unlikely that the store's system would pull up the transaction using a different card, even if they route to the same account. Is there any chance that you can locate the purchase in your past account statements? If so, we might be able to pull together enough information to try and locate the receipt a different way! If you find it, send me a Private Message, and I can let you know what information we will need to start the search. You can find a link to send a Private Message in my signature.


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Re: Get a copy of receipt for an in-store purchase.

I was mistaken and the purchase I am trying to get a copy of the receipt for is more than 2 years old.


I do appreciate BestBuy for taking the time out and the effort made assisting me with this matter.


I am considering this resolved and acknowlege my error.


Thank you BestBuy for your customer service here on the forums. Aside from in-store, I get more resolution from this forum than any other form of contact with BestBuy.