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Geek Squad

Don't sign on for Geek Squad. i have tried to cancel these people on several occasions. Thank godness my card called me when they tried to put thru a charge of 208.00. I've called them twice and I was told to keep the hold on my cards. Theres no way to stop these people. We have never used thme ever for anything!!! Its a scam!!


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Re: Geek Squad

Just out of curiosity, who did you call to try and cancel your Geek Squad contracts? Was it 1-800-Geek-Squad?

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Re: Geek Squad

Welcome to our forums, cherielee,


We certainly wouldn’t want you to pay for a protection plan you’re not using, so I completely understand why you’d want to get this cancelled as soon as possible.


As Sam15 has alluded to, our Geek Squad is best equipped to cancel any Geek Squad Protection (GSP) or Total Tech Support (TTS) plans you’ve found you’ll no longer need.  As someone who used to work on our phone support teams before becoming a Support Forum Moderator, I know this should be a relatively straightforward process for them, given some additional information from you.  If you still need to get this plan cancelled, I recommend contacting our Geek Squad at (800) GEEKSQUAD or (800) 433-5778, and I’m optimistic they’ll be able to get any unneeded plans cancelled for you.



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Re: Geek Squad

I've canceled this service 3 times and this moring I just received another email that they are trying to charge my credit card again. It was a promotional thing when I bought my daughters computer. I had to get for a year for the promotional price. I've puechased several computers from Best Buy and hhave never used your servivces. My daughter never used Geek Squad. We never heard from you until you tried to charge my card.Now I hear from youb every 2-3 days. Its a scam. I live on Maui so Icant go in person to talk to anyone. I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to cancel this service. I dont have time for this this or the money. So no I havent received the help I need. You make it very difficult to cancel these services. 3 times and you are still contacting me I know once you find one of my credit cards and get a charge thru I will never see that money again. I have sent items back to the store in Honolulu and never received the refund. I called so many times I finally gave up. That was when I had money. Now I cant that 200,00 is my grocery money now so I will continue to waste my time instead of working fighting with yoiu guys on the phone to protect my money.


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Re: Geek Squad

I’m amazed by this. I have called in to cancel various plans over the years, most recently an AppleCare plan in May and each time I did the person on the phone was able to cancel the plan and get off the phone within 3-4 minutes. Most of these situations stem from agreeing to the terms of the free promotion of antivirus which allow you to cancel before that date to avoid charging. If not canceled, it rolls over into a billable account. It seems to be the norm with antivirus, magazine or newspaper subscriptions, online streaming services, etc. We want everyone to be aware, which is why in store you have to mark agree and sign the signature pad to take the promotion out.

With that said, if the service is not canceled you just need to call the number provided by SeanM-BBY in the post above your last and let them know. They should be able to provide you the number associated with your cancellation to validate that it happened. Hopefully they’ll get it squared away on your next call.
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