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FraudCurbside Theft policy not followed

I live in AZ and found a fraudulent transaction on my bank account with Best Buy online yesterday. After speaking with at customer service representative. I found out that someone in Crestwood, IL used my card illegally to create an online order. This thief used my card to call a Lyft, used this transportation, and showed up at the Crestwood store location. They were successful in picking up a 65'' Smart Tv, and drove away.

BestBuy policy is that their curbside/online orders REQUIRE employees to check the card used for the order (impossible as it was a stolen card sitting in AZ without my knowledge of what was occurring during the day 3 hours behind), and a license. When calling the store, it just rings. I did speak with the store manager, Doug, this morning who stated all the curbside pick up is doing is checkin the email printout for the order and that is all that is needed. NOT the policy with Best Buy, nor what it states even online with the curbside pickup policy. Was notified nothing he could do.
This is showing with Best Buy that anyone can get hundreds of dollars FREE using anyones money, especially during this time, with no security check and nothing done by Best Buy. Now I have to wait until Best Buy posts the transaction of a complete thief to even start the 10 day dispute process to get my money from my bank and start the identity theft case.

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Re: FraudCurbside Theft policy not followed

I went back over the required items and it appears the manager is correct.  The policy for Curbside is no different than our instore policy.  The credit card is no longer verified in store, in accordance with the credit card merchant agreements.  It is verified while entering all details (name, billing address, security pin) into the order.  What is required at the time of pickup is an ID and the order number.  If they can get a copy of your credit card information (including the pin on the back), they can get an ID that has your name and their photo.  


It's unfortunate, but this is the reason that credit card companies have improved their fraud checks and liabilities. Most card companies have reduced customer liability to zero in these cases, but you'll need to ask them.  Criminals will stop at nothing to continue to run their scams, new security steps will only slow them down a little.  It sounds like you are on the right path by disputing the charge with your credit card company.  Once that dispute is filed, Best Buy will work with your credit card company to resolve it.

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Re: FraudCurbside Theft policy not followed

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Re: FraudCurbside Theft policy not followed

Is this using your Best Buy credit card? Or a line of credit?