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Formal Complaint

I went to the Best Bmost of my devices from Best Buy and thought this would be a quick and easy trip, but it became an incredible mess.  


I went to purchase a new iphone and trade in my old iphone. I paid in full for the phone and then asked that my information be transferred at the store, because I wanted to have an expert doing it to ensure that everything transferred safely.  I was set up with a man with the first name of Luis.   He did a restoration from the iCloud and then had me wipe my old phone.


I realized as I was exiting Best Buy that I was actually missing data - including some of my contacts, entries in various apps I had saved with my notes on medical symptoms, finances, etc.  that are extremely important to me.  I spent the next couple of hours frustratingly being passed around to various other Best Buy members, including a man named Miguel, who all just kept repeating that the missing information was not their fault, but they're sorry I was "somehow" missing information.  I did not see Luis again and the manager said that Luis had gone to lunch.  The Best Buy members provided no explanation as to why things could have gone missing, any possible steps to fix it, or anything that I could do to prevent something like this from happening again.  They didn't inspect the phone again or look into my my backups, but just kept repeating that "They were sorry it happened, but it wasn't their fault."  I had to actually ask them if a factory reset and reinstallation might fix things if there was an error in the download


I contacted Apple and Apple explained that the most likely issue is that Luis should have but did not use Quick Start, which would have ensured all of my information transferred safely - even if there was an issue with the iCloud backup.  They were surprised a Best Buy employee would restore from iCloud backups, given that I had physically given Luis my old phone to use to transfer the information. 


I trusted Best Buy to be an expert in knowing what they were doing and I am incredibly upset that I have lost information that I cannot get back because a Best Buy employee used the wrong procedure.  I am angry I spent over a thousand dollars at Best Buy to just get passed around over and over and be told "it wasn't their fault" when clearly something went wrong.  I can't believe that Best Buy employees, for all of their alleged technical expertise, only seem to care about saying how they did not make a mistake, but nothing about what I could do to help fix this or prevent it from happening again in the future.  I clearly shouldn't have put my faith in this company knowing what they're doing or treating their customers well. 

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Re: Formal Complaint

Hey there, trand11,

First and foremost, I'd like to give you a warm welcome to our community here! I am disheartened to hear about your recent experience when getting a data transfer. I understand that you had some important information that you were expecting to be transferred, and I apologize that this wasn't the case. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us here.

For clarification, did you have the opportunity to provide this feedback to the leadership team at this location during your visit? Let me know, as I'd be glad to step in and assist however possible!

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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