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Formal Complaint

I just want to express how extremely disappointed I am in my local best buy. I am NEVER the one to complain or be a "karen" but my experience at this store has left an awful taste in my mouth and I just have to speak up.


Last night 3/17/2021 I came online in search of a new dishwasher for our home. I decided on a Maytag and quickly found that our local Costco had the best price. They offered a members only price at $180 off MSRP.I have had great experience with best buy in the past so quickly wondered if Best Buy would be willing to price match. I came online and spoke to an Agent who was very professional and polite. He checked for me and determined that Best Buy CAN pricematch this item however since it was a warehouse membership rewuired price, I would need to go in person to have the sales team verify the costco member price on my own account. 


I was dissapointed that I couldn't price match the item online as going in person to the store during a pandemic with a newborn would be a challenge for me. I made arrangements for a babysitter and left for the Coral Springs Best Buy the next morning (today 3/18/2021). When I arrived I searched for an associate to help but later discovered there was a wait and I would have ot join the queue. Instead I went over to customer service and waited patiently in line. The associate I met with was helpful and asked me for the SKU and then the price match price. Upon seeing the $180 less price the associate called for the manager to verify that he could price match on warehouse prices. The manager said No over his walkie talkie and he relayed this to me. I explained that the agent onlineassured me that they could match this price for me. The manager (Inventory Manager) PJ came over and was very rude and dissmissive. He made me feel like I was lieing and did nothing to remedy this problem. He did not listen to my concerns and was clearly inexperienced with customer service. Frustrated, I searched my phone to see if best buy had a policy. Sure enough I found the policy on that clearly states best buy will pricematch on competitors INCLUDING WAREHOUSE and MEMBERSHIP PRICES. I showed PJ and he clearly could not comprehend it. Again, he acted like I was dumb. He was on a total powertrip. There was nothing I could say or do to explain him best buy's policy. He was very incompetent to be a manger.


I left very upset and angry. I proceeded down the road to the Coconut Creek location and it was NIGHT AND DAY. The associate helped me immediatly and price matched the price NO QUESTIONS ASKED. He was only an associate and CLEARLY knew more about the policies than PJ the MANAGER. I will be honest. .. I've boughts a lot from bestbuy over the years and going forward I will absolutely think twice. 

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Re: Formal Complaint

Costco pricing tiers can be confusing, but it sounds like the store was correct based on the details of your post.  Let me see if I can help decipher via quotes from the full Price Match FAQ online here:


Do you match the prices of a Warehouse club?

Yes. We do match the prices of Warehouse clubs as long as the Warehouse club is a local retail competitor, has an identical immediately available product and all other price match criteria are met. If the Warehouse club website price requires a membership ID or login to view, price match is only available in our store (not via phone or chat) and must be a live offer (not a screenshot).


As long as a Costco is within the 25 mile zone, it qualifies as a local competitor.  Some (not all) of Costco's pricing is available online, some require you to log into your account to verify.  These require you to visit the store so that they can verify the pricing live in the app via your login.  This is validated by the employee to ensure all of the other criteria are met.  Some of these are item must be in stock and immediately available, not clearance, etc.  


Our Price Match Guarantee does not cover:
  • Pricing only available to select groups of customers 


Under the exclusions header is listed "Pricing only available to select groups of customers." Any items listed as being a "Members Only Item" would not qualify based on our Price Match Policy.  When you stated Membership Pricing, was this what you were referring to?  If so, the policy appears to be applied correctly.  If the item did not bear this icon, it is possible the Manager was mistaken and it may be worth a 2nd look.  In any instance, store employees are expected to remain profession even when they are providing news that may not be wanted.


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Re: Formal Complaint

Hello, mmorin007, and welcome to our online community!

Thank you for posting on our forum, although I hate to hear about the experience you had at the Coral Springs store yesterday. After finding a babysitter and making the trip to the store, I can understand your frustration and disappointment when a price match was denied. Especially since an Agent through chat previously confirmed you could price match. This is far from the experience we'd want you to have when searching for support in one of our stores, but I'm glad you were able to venture to the Coconut Creek location to price match and purchase your dishwasher. 


As jdogg836 shared helpful information when it comes to our Price Match Guarantee terms, I'd like the chance to provide any additional support with this situation as well as formally document your feedback in our corporate system. To start, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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