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Formal Complaint

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Thursday, June 27, 2019


I just tried to return a product back to Best Buy, Citrus Heights, CA.  I was turned away and told to go to the manufacturer with my problem.


On Tuesday, June 25th, I went into Best Buy (Birdcage Center) and purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S8 (unlocked).  I paid for it (not financed).  I asked the young man about a protective cover for my new phone – he went over to the products and handed me an “Invisible Shield, hd clear" for a Samsung Galaxy S9/S8. 


He did not tell me Best Buy carries another brand…a brand that they could simply exchange if there was a problem.  I learned that today.


He did not tell me Best Buy actually will put the protective cover (any brand) on the new phone for me for $8.00.  I learned that today.


He simply handed it to me; I paid $26.92 for the shield.


I went home and tried to follow the instructions on how to put it on.  I was struggling…so I pulled up a YouTube from Invisible Shield that walked me through the process…and I could not get it done properly.


I returned to the store today…went to the same section where I bought the phone and was helped by a different young man.  I told him my situation; he said, “Oh, we could have put it on for you…we charge $8.00.”  He sent me over to “Customer Service” with the promise that they would help me.  He was wrong.


The first gal at “Customer Service” told me that the product I purchased is independent of Best Buy and I’d have to go through them with the problem.  Then she told me that Best Buy has a second protective option product that if I’d purchased that product, she’d exchange it on the spot.  But since I purchased this other product (which I explained was handed to me by an employee two days earlier with no explanation), it was my responsibility to contact them and try and work it out.


I asked to speak with a “manager”.  A 2nd young lady gave me the same spiel.  They both sent me on my way.


Bottom Line:  It did not matter that I was not given complete information.  It did not matter that I’d made a substantial purchase two days earlier.  There was no acknowledgement that the store’s employees had any responsibility for my situation.  There was zero compassion, zero concern the “Customer Service” staff.  There was only one option I was given – take care of the problem myself. 


Needless to say, I left that store feeling very frustrated about a company that my son Joe had worked for 20+ years ago as an original Geek Squad member in Missouri (I still have the t-shirt!).  We’ve been getting our TV’s, computers, and lots other items (DVD’s, cords, etc.) from Best Buy over the years.  I bought my new phone from Best Buy because there were no other options in my mind…now, I’m really disappointed with Best Buy. 


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Re: Formal Complaint

Hi, Mario, 


Thanks for your post to us here on the Forums, and welcome! We appreciate you sharing this experience with us, and while we are saddened by the events that took place that brought you here, I hope that we are able to turn things around and get back on track. 


Having the right screen protector for your phone is essential, and having it installed correctly is the next important part. I've worked in the Mobile Department before, and I know how challenging these can be to get on straight and without any bubbles. I would also want some help with this after if I were you and in your shoes. 


So that we can best get an idea of what is going on, I'd like to take a look into your My Best Buy account with us. When you have a moment, can you send us a Private Message with the following information?


  • full name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • Customer Service Pin located at the bottom of your purchase receipt


To send a private message, you can click on the blue button in my signature next to my name. 


I look forward to hearing from you,

Cameron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint

I went online to post the complaint...and "Chat" popped I connected with "James"... I was on for about an hour. James listened...came up with the same response as everyone else at Best Buy...BUT - as I was about to disconnect, James came back on and said this - I will help you with this, as there is another option to get this resolved.


He then gave me specific instructions to go back to the same store and ask for the "on-duty manager" wife and I went to the store - and we received a completely different response. The key word used was “corporate headquarters” … They took my new phone, replaced the protective cover with the proper one – at no charge. We were treated with extreme courtesy.


I left there VERY pleased. So, thank you Best Buy…