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Formal Complaint

Today December 29, 2020 I went into the Best Buy located in Waldorf, Md #446 11725 Berry Rd in order to purchase two echo dots that were online as a promotion for two for 50.00 and receive a free gift a smart light. When I went into the store I walked around looking for the devices when I found the device I located a sales rep Chelsea. Chelsea was very helpful she located each item and even went an extra step to locate online the promotion I was looking for. When she tried to ring me up for the promotion it didn’t ring up correctly so she requested assistance from a manager. Aaron H came over to assist her and the first thing he said was Chelsea located the wrong items and that’s why it didn’t come up Chelsea confirmed and showed him that the two devices she picked were the correct ones displayed online on the Best Buy website. I started to become frustrated with Aaron H because he kept saying that the promotion couldn’t be purchased in the store and there was nothing that he could do because of the way the system was set up. While I had what I intended to purchase in front of me Aaron H told me that I would have to make the purchase online and wait for the system to send me an email for pick up. He never tried to assist me while I was in the store to complete the promotion instead I ended up having to pay the full price for the purchase and couldn’t take advantage of the promotion. As a customer trying to make a purchase at the establishment be told that I can’t come in to make the purchase and be told that i probably won’t get it until tomorrow. I don’t know if Aaron was having a bad day or ready to go home however I expected better assistance because I typically get good service when I come to that location. The online price was 52.98 and I ended up paying 63.58 in the store. Regardless of the difference in price I don’t feel like a manager shouldn’t be able to assist with something so minimal as adjusting the price in order to give me a promotional price list on the Best Buy site. I just expected better service and was upset that I couldn’t receive the promotional price for the items I purchased. I hope someone is able to assist me and clarify why this transaction couldn’t happen in the store. Thank you. 

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Re: Formal Complaint

Hi, Des10d2succeed,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! While I wish your reason for contacting us was a happier one, I appreciate that you took the time to create a forum account to share this shopping experience with us. 


I know I'm a fan of getting a good deal, and if I can get the products the same day it's even better! Seeing that promotion was meant to be a time of excitement, so it saddens me to learn that things didn't go as planned. I can imagine how I would feel if I went to the store, got help finding the products and promotion, only for it to not be honored by the store manager. That would leave me feeling confused as well, so I'm glad you said something for us to step in.


Our goal is to provide every customer with the best experience we can; we know an important part of that is being aware of the times where we fell short. I'd be happy to look into this further to explore what options we might have to improve your experience! I see that you sent us Private Messages about this as well. I'll check them out now and respond there shortly!



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