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Formal Complaint

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We have been shopping at Best Buy for years WE EVEN HAVE A BEST BUY CREDIT CARD 2 OF THEM, we went in the store in san antonio at 410 and San Pedro on 11/24/19, already doing our research, we literally went in there and said we want this dishwasher Kitcheaid, so not cheap.  The guy helping us says the earliest you can get it is on 11/30, we explain that doesn't work, we left without any assitance from them.  So we leave with every intention of getting it from Home Depot (which we love)  however we drove to Best buy, and that is where we have gotten all  is the other appiances, so I go online to Bestbuy, guess what.... we can get it delivered on11/26 so we set up the black friday deal free delivery and installation. My husband goes back into the store to talk to them to tell them that they could have done this for us, and lost the sell to online,  one of the  guys behind the counter...because mind you my husband is quite upset since no one was willing to help, stands up to show that he is 6'6" as an intimidation tactic, to get my husband to leave...LOL my husabnd was 82nd airborne combat vet, he told that guy to sit down he wasn't scared of him.  But really a customer service based retail store trys to intimidate a customer because they didn't want to work.  When i get a call to confirm delivery on 11/25 they say no installation.  Let me say through this whole ordeal this person Crystal is fabulous, the only one who seems to care about customer service, moving forward after evrything she can do she states call 800-best buy to see if they are installing it as she can't see it on her end.  We call Speak to Sam explain the situation, she states its 2 different teams one who delivers and one who installs, after she puts me on hold, she comes and says it did what I was afraid it was going to do, it moved your delivery date, I said I didn't authorize that, she indicated if she or anyone messes with a delivery it could change it, I ask for her supervisor.  we get James J ref# {removed per forum guidelines} he says he can't nor is he willing to do anything to rectify this issue.  We ask to speak to his supervisor he states his supervisor doesn't do face with customers!!!! Sorry not sorry.  This is completly unexpceptable.  My husband is a 100% diabled vet who just had a complete shoulder replacement,actually he has had 19 surgeries in 8 years to make sure these people have their freedoms.  And they could care less about customer service.  I am sereiously tempted to reach out to an attorney with this, as welll as due to the fact that they tried to intimidate my husband!!! I will never shop here again, and it will now be my lifes mission to make sure no one else I know does either.  If you review all of these complaints they don't do anything to resolve or fix the issue corporate is the one to blame.  We actually went to the BBB and they have 6,545 complaints in the last 3 years of which 2,263 complaints have been filed in 1 year just at the location I am refrencing.  THIS IS RIDICULOUS AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!  If Best Buy was smart and actually cared about their customers not only would they address that guy that tried to use his size to intimidate, but also pull the call with that reference # to see how their employees that are paid to provide customer service did the complete opposite.  Sad, well TOYS R US went out of business, maybe BEST BUY Should, or start caring about the people that keep them in business which are CUSTOMERS. 

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Re: Formal Complaint

It kinda sounds like the store gave you a date, you didnt like it, tried to circumvent the processes online. Went back to the store to gloat, then and it didn't work out because you didnt listen to the store to begin with.
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Re: Formal Complaint



Thanks for taking the time out of your day to join us here and share this with our community. Please feel free to explore this great platform.


I would not want to have my delivery date changed, from what I was expecting, so I can certainly understand your position. We also want all of the interactions we have with our customers to be kind and friendly, so we would be happy to document your account of your recent visit here at the Corporate Campus. Please feel free to send me a private message with your full name, email, phone number, the date and time of the incident, and any further details you wish to share. Be sure to click on the blue button below to do so privately.


Kind regards,

Quinton|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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