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Formal Complaint both customer service and in-store

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I am completely infuriated with the experience I have had over the last couple of days. Over the course of the last 3 months alone I have spent about $4500 with your company and was happy to do so. My most recent purchase was a tv, home delivery and install that I purchased on 10/25/20 order # {removed per forum guidelines}, scheduled for today 11/13/20. The reason it was scheduled this far out is because not only do I work full time, but I am also a full time college student and single mom, so my time is very limited. On wednesday 11/11/20, I received a call from the local store, confirming my install and address. On the evening of 11/12/20, I received an automated call to confirm the same info, however the address was showing my prior address. I proceeded to call customer service as this call came in after 7pm just to clarify the address information. The representative said he could see my correct address, without me telling him my new address, he was able to read it to me which means it was visible in the system. He then stated that whoever I spoke to, did not update it correctly and if he were to change it, the delivery date would change. I asked why, and he stated that is how the system works. I then asked if there was a supervisor or manager that would be able to do something to circumvent that process and specifically stated I did not want anything changed as it had already been 3 weeks and this timeframe was cleared out. While on hold for a supervisor, I went in to my account and noticed that my address had updated and my delivery had been cancelled, followed by an email confirming a new appt window for 11/19 between 7am and 1pm.. When the repl returned to the line, I asked him why this had happened and 1st he told me that nothing had changed on his end, then afterwards reiterdated the part about what would happen if he changed it. I reminded him, the whole reason he had me on hold was to see if there was a way around that process in the 1st place and that i did not consent to him changing it in the system.  At that point, I asked to speak with a manager directly and the rep then placed me on a roughly 40-50 min hold, without ever checking back in. After the long wait, a supervisor comes on the line stating her name was Tracy, and begins to speak to me as if the change happened to my order because I requested it. After getting nowhere with her, she places me on hold to say she is going to see if there is a quicker appointment and that the hold would be 2-3 mibs. After waiting 25 mins, she returns to say, i need to go in to the store to see if there is something someone can do for me there. Later that night, after getting off the call, I receive another email stating that I need to request a new appointment, so not only have I lost the one for today, but now they have cancelled the one slated for the 19th. This morning I go to the Concord Mills location promptly at 10am, and it does not get any better. Not only are they telling me that there wasn't even an address change submitted over the phone, as the install portion had the correct address already, but also now that the earliest appointment is not November 27th, but that the tv I was having installed today is not even in the store. So basically he is telling me that your company has a practice of confirming an install 2 days prior to the date for an item that doesn't exist. He stated he would do something "for my trouble" which I would translate to some nominal gift card amount, but there was no sense of urgency to rectify my situation. Not only does your website show that pretty much every store in the general area had at least 1 in stock of the tv I purchased, but the store itself had other tvs in stock that could have been a suitable replacement. Something......but no, with each person I spoke to all I heard was sorry and now you are going to have to wait even longer. I am just truly shocked and surprised by a company that I not only worked for but have patronized for the last 15 years. I walked out of the store having cancelled my order with absolutely no fuss, no attempt to keep me, nothing.