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Formal Complaint against Fort Collins Colorado Best Buy

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against your Best Buy store in Fort Collins Colorado. I have never in my life received such horrible customer service from any store.
This is my story. In March I purchased a 2009 Lincoln MKX my new car did not have a backup camera in it and I wanted one along with an upgraded stereo system. I went to your store to purchase these things. After consulting with one of your auto techs I made a purchase of equipment and labor to have these things installed. I was advised that the soonest available install date was over a month out. Which I said was fine. I showed up for my appointment on April 12th at 10am for my appointment. When I showed up the first thing I was told was that an associate had called in sick and that they could not put in my backup camera but could still do the radio to which I stated okay. Then about 5 minutes later the tech said I’m sorry but your harness did not come in so we actually can’t do anything. We will have to reschedule you for next Tuesday. To which I agreed. I wished they would have called me as my mom had followed me over as it was to be a 3 and a half hour install but it was okay.
So then Sunday before my new Tuesday the 20th install rolls around and I get an email stating all my equipment has been returned to stock because I had not picked it up. To which I had been told not to pick it up since you were installing it. So I am obviously not to thrilled. So I call the store at 10 when it opens to which it states they are not taking phone calls and it transfers me to the 800 number after speaking to 3 different people they finally get me in touch with the store. Where the young man named Micheal tells me that yes all my stuff has been returned but he will resell it back to me. At this time I ask again about the harness to which he states that it is not available and I am going to have to buy it through Amazon or somewhere else. Which, would have not been told to me once again and I would have shown up and been told they couldn’t do the install. So I say okay I will order it which as soon as we get off the phone I do.
So at 6pm Sunday night Micheal calls me back and tells me that my radio has been sold and he can no longer get the radio I paid for and that I would have to go to Car Toys and purchase the radio to have you install. At this time I am not happy as too many things have happened and this is not good customer service so I ask to speak to a manager. The manager Richie gets on the line and I tell him everything that has happened. Richie apologizes and says how sorry he is and starts seeing what he can do for me. Well some way some how Richie secures me another radio but I still need the harness I have ordered. The harness was set to come in Wednesday. Richie assured me that because of my troubles he will make sure that I get in for my install We’d. Or Thur. As soon as the harness comes in. So I decide to go ahead and continue to do business with your company.
So this brings me to today Wednesday April 21st my harness is set to come I. Today between 11 and 3 so I call the store and say I need to get my car in tomorrow for my install. To which the tech tells me no they can’t get me in. So I let him know that Richie had assured me that I would be able to get in. He says no sorry not going to happen we can do it Friday. To which I respond saying I’m sorry I can’t do it Friday I have to babysit my grandkids. He says well there is nothing I can do for you. So once again I ask to speak to a manager. Richie is off today so I get a manger named Brandon. Brandon is a horrible manager and should be fired. Brandon gets on the line and I go through the whole story and he tells me sorry I am not making room for your install. You have to do it Friday. I state that I can’t and that Richie had assured me Wednesday or Thursday to which he states oh well it’s not happening. He also, tells me that it is not their fault that the harness was not there or that my items had been returned to stock. At this time I asked to speak to the store manager. He tells me that I can not speak with her that she is in meetings all day today and tomorrow and I would not be able to speak with her until Saturday. I tell him this is unacceptable and this is not how you should treat customers. At this point he becomes condescending saying how are we bot running our store good when my manager is in meetings for the store. I tell him that this is horrible customer service. He continues to act the same way like I am an inconvenience and that everything that has happened isn’t an issue. At this point I say schedule the install for Friday but I don’t even know what I am going to do. I hang up and decide that there is absolutely no way that I will spend a dime of my money in your store ever again.
So I call back to the store and tell them I would like to return all my products and cancel my install. The employee says okay and returns the products when he gives me the total I state that there was also labor that needs to be returned and he says okay that’s on a different receipt and to give him a second. He picks up the phone and he says just one minute I am waiting on an override at this point I hear Brandon tell him to tell me that they will only issue store credit, to which I respond no way am I doing store credit you need to return my money. The employee says to Brandon are you going to tell her that? Silence for a moment and then the employee says we have returned the money to your card.
I have never been treated so poorly or had such poor customer service from a business especially with spending that kind of money. We have bought TV’s and other expensive products from you before but we will never be again. You have lost a customer for life due to one manager named Brandon who should be fired. I will also be sharing my story on Google, Yelp, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else I can as this is the most ridiculous way to treat a customer ever.
I hope that you do better as a business and train and hire better managers from here on out because this is not conclusive to good business practices. I may be a small little consumer but I am sure I am not the only person this has happened too. I hope that you all learn something from my experience and I hope my story helps others to see how your company treats people. I wrote this post so that hopefully your corporate office will actually do something about this situation and rectify the wrongs that were done here!
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Re: Formal Complaint against Fort Collins Colorado Best Buy

Hey, Redncontrol7,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I am sorry to hear about this experience. First, getting your appointment delayed is never ideal. Not having the products in store and ready does not help the situation either. Finally, a manager that is not being helpful is far from the level of service that we aspire to.


I apologize for any inconvenience here, and I completely understand your frustration. I'd like to take a closer look into this and see if there is anything that I can do to help, as well as document your complaint formally at the Corporate Campus. So that I can get started, please send me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number. 




Meg|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint against Fort Collins Colorado Best Buy

Sorry I figured out how to send it. I sent you a PM hust now.
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Re: Formal Complaint against Fort Collins Colorado Best Buy



Thank you very much for sharing the requested details. As Meg mentioned, we've made your remarks regarding your experience with our Fort Collins location available to our corporate teams.


Additionally, I was able to review the refunds made at store on your behalf for products and installation fees and can confirm that all charges were returned to your credit card. If it hasn't occurred already, please allow up to one full billing cycle for the funds to appear on your statement.


With that being said, you mentioned that you were hoping to speak with the store's general manager. Were you ever able to have that conversation?

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint against Fort Collins Colorado Best Buy

No no one ever contacted me back from the store.