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Formal Complaint Against Manager at Store 543

First, there were 2 people at the refund coutner helping 1 person return 3 TVs as 5 people waited. They had to open and check each TV. The manager said they were only allowed one person per station and no one could help. After 10 minutes and not a signle additiaonl person was helped, they allowed someone else to assist with refunds.


The cashier refunded me the wrong amount. When I asked for help 2 seconds later she had moved on and told me to get back in line. The manager showed up and I tried to explaint to him the sitaution. Instead of listening to me, he ignored me and tried to talk to the cashier who was helping another customer. 


The manager told me I was rude to him and didn't "talk to him like a man". Your manager was deorgatory and insteda of trying to deescalate and resolve the sitatuion acted like a egotistical maniac who was rule of the world. He accused me of causing a scene because I told him I was in a rush and apparently took his business card from him too qucikly when he held his hand out. 


As I was getting annoyed and frustrated as he was not helping me get my full refudn, the then told me I was done being helped and he would not talk to me until i "talked to him like a man". He also threated to call the cops on me. I am not sure for what. 


Eventaully, he calmed down and realized I was not going  to leave and had me follow him to another area of the store to assist. We were the only two people and he said something out loud and I responded. He rudely told me he was not talking to me but was talking on his earpeace. How was I supposed to know. He once again chastized me and told me I  would know he was talking to me because he would be looking at me in the eye and "talking to me like a man". 


No one should be talked to "like a man". People, customers included, deserve respect and the talked to like a "person". He refused to tell me what happned and my ordeal in returning a game took over 30 minutes. 


I want this matter escalated and a response from corpoate. No one should have to deal with such harassement when trying to get a mistake made by Best Buy fixed. You store manager treated me like I was not even a person, apparently not a man, and he needs training to learn how to deal with customers.  

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Re: Formal Complaint Against Manager at Store 543

I would love to hear the other side of the story.  

I can't imagine using a phrase like that nor threatening to call the police except in situations where I was met with  hostile, disruptive, rude, or belligerent behavior. For me, it follows at least a few warnings.  You mentioned it was repeated numerous times, which sounds like the manager felt berated.  We expect managers to be courteous, and on the surface it seems that this may not have been the case.  Without the other side that's the most I can say about it.    


The manager most likely needed to speak with the cashier to determine the best way forward.  Returns should process the correct return amounts except in rare cases and you most likely did not have the details from the return transaction.  Only the person who processed the return can answer what prompts came up and which ones were selected.

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Re: Formal Complaint Against Manager at Store 543

Good afternoon, bda,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our community forums. We strive to provide expert service no matter how you get in touch with us and it's very concerning to hear about this visit to your local Best Buy. I would certainly like to learn more about this visit and make sure your feedback gets to the right place.


Which store location did you visit and when? Can you please provide some more details about what was incorrect with this refund? Do you recall the name of the store manager you spoke to?


I'd like like to make sure this is documented here at our Corporate Campus and will need some more information to do so. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:


Full name

Email address

Phone number


You can send me a private message by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing back from you.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Formal Complaint Against Manager at Store 543

To be clear, regardless of the sitaution or my potential behavior. 


After we moved away from the front of the store and it was just the manager any myself, he asked a question and he berated me for answering. How was I supposed to know he was talking to someone on the headset and not me. To then look and me and tell me "you will know when I am talking to you because I will be looking you in the eye and talk to you like a man" is completly wrong, disrespectful, and just makes the entire situation worse. No one should ever have to be spoken to like that, especailly in that situation. Especially a manager to customer who is trying to get a problem one of his employees caused fixed. Its a one on one conversation while he was reading my paperwork. He could have easily been talking to me. It was wrong.