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Forgot the Case in the shop

I purchased this product in Deptford Store directly and along with this i bought the Nintendo switch OLED and Mario game separately on 12/09/2021 at 8:20 PM. While buying the store executive requested me in case i am fine to carry the product with out the plastic bag as the bag are exhausted. I agreed and was carrying the case all over the shop and eventually landed at the Samsung mobile section, where we spent few minutes during the process my 5 year old son was carrying the case, he left in the racks of the mobile section as he was playing a game in Samsung fold and we eventually walked from the store but did not realize that we forgot the case in the shop and we head back home and while on the 295 highway realized that we forgot the pack. As it was already 8:52 PM the shop would be closed, decided to go next day. We went again 12/10/2021 at 5 PM and approached the customer care and request to provide me the forgotten pack, the executive says that we checked the lost and found the pack is not there. Interesting how it can be found in lost and found as it is not packed, with commonsense it would go to the section where it is displayed for selling. The executive denied to check further and he said it is your fault, so sorry. It is very disappointing i would not prefer buying anything from Best buy going forward. He was even fine that i return the other items which i bought on the same day. I am going to return once i buy from other markets available where customer care is better. The reason i went back to the store is because i was 100% sure that we forgot in the store and the customer service would be better in the store. I requested the executive also to check the CC camera footage to be sure. But he was not willing to check and keep on saying that it was my fault, i do understand my son forgot in the shop but it was still in the store right? The item was bought for his birthday and it was dissapointing that they did not even trust us where the item was only $19, my point was all about trust. I am 100% sure the CC footage would have proved that the item was forgottent in the store and every item is recognized with individual code which could have been compared with existing items ( only 2 were availabel in shop ) vs the bill code.  


Item: RDS Industries - Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case 


I have the bills available which the customer service executive would have scanned with the existing couple of casses available in store. 

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Re: Forgot the Case in the shop

Hello, Giribm,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums. I can certainly understand mistakenly leaving an item behind is easy to do, especially if you weren't able to get a bag for your items. With the case being an item that we sold, it would make more sense that it would have been returned to the shelf instead of in our lost and found. While I wish you were connecting with us under better circumstances, I'd be happy to see what options I have to assist with this. 


To start, can you please send me a private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and the Customer Service Pin Number from the store purchase receipt? To send me the message, you can use the message in my signature below. 





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