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Final Reminder to pick up order that is ready for pickup, but store doesn't have the item?

Hello, apologize for the long story, but need to provide some context for the question.  =)


I had ordered a bunch of items back in March working with an In Home Consultant for a Home Theater that we're still doing construction on probably for another month or so.   I had kept getting emails about having to pickup 6 of the items in the past week or so that were not in stock when I initially made the purchase back in March.  I had contacted the In Home Consulatant that worked with me and was told that I did not need to pick them up and they'd bring them with everything else when they did the installation, so I didn't worry about it.  

Then again a couple days later I get another email saying if I didn't pick up these items they'd cancel the order and refund me.  So I stopped by my local Best Buy to see what was going on and the rep that I talked to would only give me the option to take the items or don't take the items.  Apparently they couldn't change the pick-up date or anything like that?  So I just said I'll take the items.  This is when I found out that 1 of the items that has said its been ready for pick-up since May 1st (when I initially got the email that this particular item was ready) was not actually there and they didn't know where it was and could not provide me any further information other then they were doing an audit or something along those lines.  I find it disheartening that almost a month and a half after the item was supposedly ready for pick-up that me going into the store to inquire about this pick up is the first time I'm hearing that this item is not actaully even there, or it is, but they have no idea where it is.  Also they could not tell me if I was not able to pick up this item that is ready for pickup still in there system, but cannot actually find it for me to pick up, was not picked up by 6/15/18 would that item still be cancelled and refunded as that item is the one I want and I've still got time before the install I don't necessarily care that is not currently there, I do care though if the order gets cancelled and then I have to figure out how to get that item.

Again I reached out to the In Home Consultant that I am working with after the fiasco at the local best buy, but as this is time sensitive I also decided to post a message here and see what infomation I could gather.  Appreciate any info anyone has!  =)

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Re: Final Reminder to pick up order that is ready for pickup, but store doesn't have the item?

Hi nerickson5,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post! It sounds like you’re putting together a nice home theater setup. I’m sure you’re excited! I would definitely like to take a look at this order and see what might be going on. 

In order for me to access your account I’m going to need a bit more information and to gather that I’ll reach out privately. Be on the lookout for a message from me in your inbox! 


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