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File a complaint

I was purchase a "Surface Precision Mouse" online, and it is arrival yesterday.

This model of mouse have a function can change scrolling wheel work in "smooth" or "detent" mode, you can just click the button on the top to switch between those two modes. Exactly same function like Logitech Master mouse has.


Unfortunately, that function not working just out of the box, whatever I click the switch button how many times, it's just stuck in "detent" mode and can't be switched.


So, I went to a Bestbuy Store this morning looking for a exchange.

I was trying to describe what's the issue with the mouse, but the first crew dealing with me, looks like don't know what I'm talking about at all and doesn't care either.

"Scrolling wheel? mode? what mode? how a scrolling wheel can have a mode?" that's what he's face told me.

He just put the mouse out, check there is no damage on it then doing the exchange for me, didn't even try the scrolling wheel.


Due to they have this model in stock, I got the second one of same model right there, once I have it, I put it out of box and try it in store immediately. But I don't know how, it is just not working either. this one stuck in "smooth" mode, have the same issue on first one, which means can't be switched. so I right back to customer services line to do the exchange again.


This time the second crew dealing with me, I almost told the same thing as my first time said to him, trying to describe the issue. and also, he's face told me the same thing as the first crew:"what's this guy talking about?"

Anyway, he still do the exchange for me.


Not so long, I got the third mouse in store, really wired thing is, this one have same issue either! The third one working exactly same as the second one.

At this time I started to doubt myself, maybe I just don't know how to use it? so I walk to the Laptop area, you guys selling Surface there including this model of mouse. so I think the crews working there should know about this mouse.

Then I found a crew there, try to telling him what kind of function this mouse has, I said "Exactly same function like Logitech Master mouse has", and he answer me "But this is not a Logitech mouse". Clearly he don't know anything about this mouse, maybe don't know Logitech Master mouse either.

So I try another way, I show him the box, there is some descriptions about this function on the box, I asked him how to make this function works. however, He can't answer me, instead he lead me to GeekSquare, and take me to a crew working there then he leaves.


The fourth crew is from GeekSquare, not a Geek at all by the way. she trying to explain this function only works when you connected to a computer, this is sounds ridiculous to me, and I won't take it: a)the first mouse I tried on my laptop, it is not working either. b)the switcher is mechanical device, normally you just need power on to make it works, doesn't matter you connected to a computer or not. c)there is computer in GeekSquare, lot of it, if she want a try, she's absolutely can do it.

Obviously, she saw me didn't bring a laptop with me, so she made up a explain to let me go home. It's make me feels like I'm a unreasonable customer, they don't know what is the problem the mouse has, becasue no a single one know about this model of mouse in the whole store. And I am the one exchange again and again just can't be satisfactied.

I spent almost a hundred thousand in Bestbuy in last 3 years, somethings you guys can make mistake, but this time is the worst experience ever.


Due to I feels I'm not welcome to Bestbuy anymore, so I drives 20 miles to a Microsoft Store, I was describe the issue to MS staff, they know there is a problem immediately, then they try the scrolling wheel and confirmed the issue. first time they don't want exchange for me due to I purchase it in Bestbuy. but after I told him the whole story and I proved the mouse I have is brand new, they accepted to exchange for me.

and the fourth mouse from Microsoft Store, JUST WORKS PREFECT OUT-OF-BOX, and the scrolling wheel don't need connected to a device to switch mode, all you need is power on.



Thanks for reading, I do apologize for my bad English.


After all, I know 3 of same model have exactly same issue it is really really rare. but I really think You guys should learn a little bit about the product you are selling, what kind of function they has at least. not kind like "It is just a mouse, whatever 10 dollars mouse or 100 dollars mouse, all the same." all four peoples can't understand what is the problem I have and no patience to know. after 2 times exchange the lady work in GeekSquare suggestions me go for ask Microsoft. becasue she just want me out of the place, and bad item looks like not she's business. you guys not fixing the problem, just fixing me.

if in store staff are skilled or kind, anyone one of it, I will be happy. however I feels there is no profession personal (including GeekSquare) in store and everybody only have patience for selling something, no patience for support.

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Re: File a complaint

Good morning, EisaiChen,


Welcome back to the forums. I’m sorry that it is such a poor experience that brought you back to us. I use a switchable scroll wheel all the time, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I apologize that the folks at that store weren’t able to help you out.


I’d like to document this, and to reach out to that store so they can work to provide better service going forward. Please send me a private message with your name, email address, phone number, and the store where this took place.


Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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