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Felt cheated with high end TV purchase in Open Box Excellent condition

Bought a high-end LG OLED TV in Open Box Excellent conidtion and what all I got was a display model with no accessesories whatsoever, no box and thousdands of hours of run time. When I questioned asst. store manager (Watertown, MA store), he didn't acknoledge their mistake. Instead, he tried persuading me that Open Box TVs can be floor models and that's why I got that TV at a great price. He had no idea that Open box also has various categories like Excellent, Satisfactory, Fair etc. When I showed him the description of these open box categories on BestBuy's own website, he wouldn't agree with that as well. BTW, before I went to pick-up this TV in store, I did check with Best Buy chat support and they clearly told that Open Box Excellent TVs are like new TVs with all original accessories and they cannot be display models. But, it was all opposite in the store. I purposefully went to different BestBuy store to return the TV and I was shocked to experience same behaviour on Open Box TVs by that store management. I bought this TV based on a deal posted on a deal community and I noticed that MANY others on that deal community had same exact experience like me for the Open Box Excellent TVs. They were sold junk TVs as open box excellent. Is this what BestBuy stands for? This is the kind of experience one might receive with random sellers on platforms like eBay or FaceBook marketplace but I never expected such cheating at BestBuy. I wish to escalate this unethical practice to BestBuy management but I am unable to find proper channel to do so. Can some one please help me on how to escalate this matter to BestBuy leadership? It's not just me but many hundreds/thousands like me, who got cheated. 

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Re: Felt cheated with high end TV purchase in Open Box Excellent condition

Hello, golwalaonline.


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I appreciate you taking the time to write us and share your feedback with us! I appreciate you sharing your feedback with us,  as we take it seriously and rely on it to find ways to improve our process. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I want to reach out to get more information about your experience. When you are available can your reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number from the original purchase? I want to make a record of this experience and document it on our corporate level. Please let me know as soon as you are available.  


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Re: Felt cheated with high end TV purchase in Open Box Excellent condition

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