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Faulty Lenovo Yoga 730

I bought a Lenovo Yoga 730 in Florida (Best Buy at 10760 NW 17th St, Miami) in April this year (I have my receipt). Sudenly before its first month of use, the screen started to flicker. It goes balck and turns on again very quickly. Some times it does it so much that is not usable. I found a lot of videos on Youtube and information in forums about this issue, and every user says that this problem does not have definitive solution. They send the device for repair, get it back and the problem comes back weeks later. Called Best Buy to see if I could return the device after realizing this issue might not be reparable, or could be having to send the laptop again and again to repair. I was told that I can not return the item after 15 days. Then tried to contact Lenovo an they told me they do not have an option to return or refund a unit that was purchased from a reseller. Because technically, the reseller paid for that machine so they can sell it. So if the machine was defective, the reseller should contact Lenovo in request of return or refund.


This is just one example of a Lenovo forum:

As I mentioned, also lots of youtube videos with Yogas 730 with screen flickering. Please need information for options I could take with the store.

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Re: Faulty Lenovo Yoga 730

Once the return/exchange period expires, Best Buy would follow the manufacturer’s warranty guidelines. If that warranty does not offer immediate replacement and requires us to attempt repair first, that is what the Geek Squad would do.
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Re: Faulty Lenovo Yoga 730

Hi there, hlizarraga!


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Having computer troubles is never fun, so I can understand you wanting to get your computer back up and running! jdogg836 offers some great insight in that once the time frame listed in our Return & Exchange Promise ends, we would be unable to accept your computer for return or exchange. This being said, your computer should still be covered under it's manufacturer warranty, and we are happy to continue assisting you in getting your computer looked at under it's manufacturer warranty. For more assistance, please schedule an appointment with Geek Squad at your local Best Buy store by visiting us online, here


Should you have any other questions or concerns that we could assist with, please feel free to let us know on here! 



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