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So I ordered a cell phone on Best Buy's website and when I went to pick it up, it took OVER TWO HOURS of a continuous struggle due to one computer error and the staff's incompetence at the Carmel Mountain (San Diego) location. 


When I arrived to the store pick up yesterday at 6:40pm, they told me there was an activation issue on Verizon's end. I drive over to Verizon and they tell me it's not something they can fix, I need to call customer service. When I returned an employee from Best Buy was kind enough to let me call customer service with their phone to try and sort the issue (along with a personal call to delegate some of the customer service calls required). As I'm waiting to see if anything was cleared yet, an employeed condescendingly calls out "is (my name) here, your mom called." It's been about 30 minutes at the customer service/pickup desk at this point while and I was waiting for family to contact Verizon since I am without a cellphone and Best Buy employees would not directly help. 


When we're on Verizon's customer service and I give them the phone's SIM/other info, Verizon tells me to turn the cellphone on in order for it to be activated (the original issue) but Best Buy employees will not allow me to open the box. We are stuck in this "catch 22" moment, which I can understand due to liability issues/protocol, but after about 20 minutes of being blown off I ask to see a manager. 


After the manager comes over and continues to tell me it's a Verizon issue (who I've had on the phone this whole time) and this particular phone shows up as already being used (probably becuase Verizon was helping me directly and we just needed the last step). I ask if I can cancel the transaction which he says I need to do on my own on the computer since I purchased in on the computer. Finally he called his support team and handed me the phone. They told me they did not have the power to do all of this over the phone and I need to go into a (Best Buy) store that I have now spent OVER 90 MINUTES trying to get assistance. I tell him this and he asks to speak to an employee, then he tells the manager to delete the order and redo it in the store on a different phone. 


After this nonsense, the manager has the audacity to tell me "we can't do this yet and need Verizon to reverse the upgrade first" (again, blaming Verizon). I asked the Verizon customer service and he assured me it was something Best Buy had control over, not the provider. When then Best Buy employee looked it up, he said it is cleared on their side which proved the manager was literally creating problems that did not exist. 


Rather than looking it up beforehand or trying to solve the actual problem, the manager kept pushing it off onto me. The Verizon customer service was literally on the phone for over an hour and did not want us to hang up in case Best Buy tried to continue blaming it on them or blowing me off. Employees were polite for the most part but should be better trained as to when to bring the manager. They need to improve their troubleshooting abilities rather than leaving it at "oh sorry I can't do anything," which is obviously a reflection of the manager's attitude. I feel I should be compensated for the time and gigantic burden this has caused me. What is Best Buy going to do to make things right? 

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Good afternoon, am1314,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  Upgrading your phone should always be an exciting experience, so I’m sorry to hear your visit to our Carmel Mountain, CA store didn’t go as smoothly as we would normally expect. 


While it sounds like you were able to finally get the phone you were looking to purchase, I would like to gather some additional information from you, so I might fully document your feedback here at our Corporate Headquarters.  For me to gather the information I’ll need, I’ll be sending you a private message in a bit, which you’ll be able to read by clicking on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. 


Speak to you shortly,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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