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FORMAL COMPLAINT- Item Not as Described!

I had been eyeing the Sony A5100 for a while and found that there were open box options with a decent price. So I chose the OPEN BOX- EXCELLENT condition. On the site it says that this is certified by the GEEK SQUAD, so when I went in store to pick it up, I did not think to check the box.


Unfortunately, when I got home, I opened the box and found that it only contained the camera and the neck was supposed to have NO missing accessories. But lo and behold, it was missing CRUCIAL items: usb charging cable, AC adaptor AND the lens cap. Not to mention the monitor screen was a scratched up and the lens had finger prints all over it (do they not clean it before selling it to customers?).


I had to go all the way BACK to the store that I picked it up from...and customer service was actually less than apologetic. The item I had bought and was expecting to get was DEFINITELY not as described. No apology or anything. 


The CSA called someone else who ended up checking in the back if any other open boxes had the missing accessories...but they didn't. Then ended up calling the manager who offered just a simple "do you want your money back or pay for a new box or choose another camera"...all while trying to convince me to sign up for the Best Buy credit card...of course I chose the return. Maybe if the experience was positive I would have signed up but they picked a poor time to try to sell me the credit card benefits when I'm already unhappy with the way the situation was handled.


This whole experience gives me a very bad impression of the quality and trustworthiness of the products sold here...especially the open box items. I'm glad that at the very least I was able to get a FULL refund. 

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Re: FORMAL COMPLAINT- Item Not as Described!

Hey, N9286,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post! Although I haven't made the purchase yet, I've had my eyes on a Sony camera as well. Nice choice with the a5100. I do, however, regret to hear about this experience. 


You were absolutely right to assume an Open-Box item should be inspected. Being that your purchase wasn't as described leads me to believe something went wrong during the process in this instance. You have my sincere apologies as that surely caused an inconvenience. While I wish the item would have been in a condition that worked better for you, I'm glad you were able to get the refund. 


Thanks for taking the time to share this experience. We're here should you have any questions or need assistance. 





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Re: FORMAL COMPLAINT- Item Not as Described!

Thanks for your apologies. The solution was definitely not ideal given that I had set my eye on it for a long time being making the decision to buy this camera only for it to not be as expected. I had initially planned to take it along with me on vacation but glad that I opened it up beforehand otherwise I would've have been in for an unpleasant surprise and my whole trip might've been ruined.


The customer service experience wasn't that great to be honest...